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Use your senses when RVing
If you're an RVer of the male gender, listen up. We're often blamed for having no sense, but this time, let's talk about something other than "common sense," but rather those eyes, ears, and noses, and more. Using the various senses can keep us out of trouble when RVing, and can save you a lot of cash.

Let "Blue Boy" handle your nasty waste disposal
If you plan on using your RV to "get away from civilization," be sure to bring your blue boy. This good old boy will tote your holding tank wastes and make your life a lot simpler.

New RVer asks: How do I know when I've filled the fresh water tank?
So you're filling your RV water tank, getting ready for a trip. How do you know when the tank is full? One new RVer asked if he should station someone close to the "gauge' inside the rig and keep an eye on it while the partner filled the tank. There's a better way.


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