Stop mildew before it attacks your memory foam mattress

Mold and mildew are the scourge of RVs, and whenever possible steps should be taken to prevent it from invading your home-on-wheels. In this video, Jim Nelson introduces you to a product that will keep mildew from forming beneath your RV’s memory foam mattress. Sign up today for RV Travel‘s FREE weekly newsletter for what is of interest to RVers.  Read More

Truths about buying an RV you shouldn’t ignore

By Chuck Woodbury EDTOR, RVTRAVEL.COM Here are 18 truths about buying an RVing in 2018 that you should know before making a purchase. Some of this advice is blunt and not flattering to the RV industry. I’m not trying to discourage you from buying an RV but simply encouraging you to be very careful when you do. In many cases,... Read More

How long can you keep canned food?

By Bob Difley Do your food storage lockers hold hidden contents that were placed there shortly after your rig rolled off the showroom floor? And one day you’re boondocking mucho miles away from the nearest Safeway and have this enormous craving for artichoke hearts? So you dig through your food stores and voila! You discover a can of these delectable... Read More