When to pull over to allow faster traffic to pass

RVers for safety reasons naturally drive slower on hilly roads and often hold up traffic. Pulling over to allow faster traffic to pass is not only courteous but can also save you money. RVtravel.com editor Chuck Woodbury provides a tip that will save you money when pulling over to let faster vehicles pass.  Subscribe to the FREE RV Travel Saturday newsletter loaded... Read More

What to do when you have a blowout in your RV

Of major concern for all drivers, not just those driving large recreation vehicles, is what to do when experiencing a rapid loss of tire pressure due to a blowout. This video by Michelin Tire Company explains how to handle a blowout in your motorhome or other RV.  Subscribe to the FREE RV Travel Saturday newsletter loaded with information of interest to RVers. Enter title here Read More

Prevent water leak in your RV with this simple device

Avoiding water leaks in your RV is paramount, but what if a pipe – which is under pressure – breaks while you are gone for the day? Jim Nelson shows you a simple, inexpensive way to help ensure you don’t experience a costly water leak in your RV. Sign up for the free RVTravel informative weekly or daily newsletters(s). ##RVT837 Read More