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Comments for Always read the fine print – no matter what you’re buying

  • For $758, I would have STRENUOUSLY complained to my credit card company. Most card issuers strive to provide excellent customer service and, if the biller hears from the card issuer, I’d be very surprised if, as a “courtesy” they refunded the “fee”.

  • I don’t see why it’s the credit card company’s problem when the consumer doesn’t read the fine print. There’s far too much of this “oh woe is me”. Take responsibility for your own actions. Put on your big boy/girl panties and quit blaming someone else for your mistakes.

  • Never book with travel websites- just the place itself. And, you won’t have to put up with all the fluff they play you before you make the reservation.

  • Same thing happened to us when making a reservation at Hyatt. Fake Hyatt site comes up near the top of a Google search. Hard to tell that it’s not really Hyatt.

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