Find boondocking spots on public land with Google Earth

In this video Dave Helgeson presents part three in a series from his popular seminar “Boondocking Using Google Earth.” Even if you have boondocked for years, you’ll pick up some valuable tips here about how to find places to camp “in the middle of nowhere” before you even leave home! Dave will show you how to spot promising locations by... Read More

How to reduce bandwidth use when watching videos

Bandwidth is important to watchers of YouTube videos, and here editor Chuck Woodbury explains why and shows you two ways to save a ton of bandwidth when watching these videos. For anyone with limited data plans or when in RV parks where watching YouTube videos is discouraged or difficult because of slow WiFi, using these two methods can enable... Read More

Tips to improve your home security while on RV trips editor Chuck Woodbury interviews Sergeant Cole Langdon of the Lynnwood, Wash., police department about how RVers can help protect their homes from burglars while they’re away with their RV. Keep up with the latest, information and advice about RVing by subscribing to the free weekly newsletter at . ##RVT833 Read More