Considering the purchase of your first motorhome? Avoid these mistakes

Are you contemplating the purchase of your first motorhome? RVtravel editor Chuck Woodbury tells the story of his first motorhome, which was challenged both structurally and mechanically. In other words, he says, “it was a dog.” There is a moral to this story, as you will soon learn. Subscribe to the FREE Saturday morning RV Travel newsletter for articles, news,... Read More

Why you should upgrade to LED lights in your RV

So what’s the big deal about LED lights for RVs? It seems one RVer after another is changing over from the incandescent bulbs that came installed in their RVs. If you are intrigued by LED lighting but don’t know much about it, then this video will provide some guidance. Learn more at the Cabinbright website. Subscribe to the RVTravel FREE Saturday newsletter... Read More

Carry your bulky gear on a bumper-mounted tray

BetterBilt Solutions shows off its trailer bumper storage and support solutions, which the company claims can not only add 400 pounds of cargo carrying capacity to the average trailer 4-inch bumper but up to 16 square feet of storage space. The system begins with the Mount-n-Lock bumper Safety Strut system that allows a variety of items to be carried, like... Read More

Portable waste tanks a boon for boondockers

If you plan on doing some boondocking, you can avoid moving your rig to dump by using a portable waste tank. Though not required for RVing, they can come in handy under the right circumstances. They make emptying your tanks extremely convenient since you only need to move the wastewater, not your entire rig. In this video from The Fit RV... Read More