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  Websites that we like These are listed in reverse chronological order as they appeared in the newsletters, with most recent at the top. More websites are added weekly. Please note: Descriptions were accurate at time of original posting in newsletters; numbers cited may now be higher. If you find duplicate websites or bad links, please contact Diane (at) Read More

How to maintain your RV’s fresh water tank

One thing that every RVer shares is the need for fresh water. Our kitchens and bathrooms, regardless of size and amenities, depend on it. Keeping our RVs supplied with clean, fresh-tasting water involves more than just hooking up a garden hose to a faucet. The following tips will help ensure that your water supply is clean and healthy. Start by... Read More

Campgrounds vary, fancy to barebones

RVers have many choices about where to camp from official, amenity-paced campgrounds to barebones “boondocking” sites in the middle of nowhere. Campsites can cost $50 a night or more, or they can be free. Most are in the $25 to $50 range. Reservations with private campgrounds can be made with individual campgrounds or through a central number for campgrounds with... Read More

Prepping your RV for summer conditions

By Russ and Tiña De Maris Every year, thousands set out from their stix-and-brix homes in the cold north and head south by planes, trains, or automobiles. Waiting for them at the other end, their trusty, but perhaps more-or-less permanently parked RVs. After awhile, when the temperature back home is pleasant again, it’s time to head back north. But what... Read More