Which towable trailer is right for you?

Presumably, you are here because you have decided that a towable RV makes sense for your travel style and budget. Leaving aside pop-up campers, which aren’t really in the same class, your choices are travel trailer (TT) and fifth wheel trailer (5er). As with other decisions in the RV spectrum, there is no single right answer. Both have their strong... Read More

Class A, B or C – Which is right for you?

If you are considering the purchase of an RV and you have decided that a motorized unit is more to your liking than a towable, you still have many options to evaluate before taking the plunge. The choices are broadly categorized as Class A, Class B and Class C motorhomes. These classes are described in more detail in other articles;... Read More

How to make leveling your trailer and fifth wheel easy

  Leveling a fifth wheel or travel trailer is something we have to do just about every time we park our rigs. But it’s not difficult. The basic principles apply to all trailers. We’ll cover those, along with some hands-on tips, and we’ll suggest some tools and other items that can make things easier. As we said, the basic approach... Read More

No need to worry about furnishings and equipment when buying an RV

A recreational vehicle is like a small, portable home. But unlike a regular home, RVs almost always come fully furnished. In other words, buying an RV is like buying a house complete with furniture and major kitchen appliances. Here are some of the furnishings and equipment you will find on all but the very smallest motorhomes, trailers, fifth wheelers and... Read More

Outfit your RV and still save money

By Russ and Tiña De Maris  Having an RV is like having a second home. You have a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc. Unless you crave the thought of toting stuff back and forth, though, you’ll need to “fit it out” for your RVing trips. Is there a way to handle outfitting your rig without busting the bank? Sure!... Read More

Own a pickup truck? A fifth wheel might be your best option

If you are one of the millions of Americans whose family “car” is a pickup truck, you hold the key to what is fast becoming the most luxurious recreational vehicle lifestyle in North America! The power and weight-carrying capacity of the pickup make it the ideal tow vehicle for the modern fifth wheel travel trailer. While mini-vans and passenger sedans... Read More

Steps to take before buying an RV

Whenever a discussion around a campfire or at a party starts up about RVing the most-frequent question from non-RVers is: “How do you buy an RV and know it’s right for you?” Buying an RV sounds simple – go to RV shows, visit a dealer, or search Craigslist then make a purchase. With hundreds of RVs on the market in... Read More

Weight terms you should know

Every RV owner should have a basic understanding of weight terms. Do your research to avoid becoming a statistic in relationship to overloaded RVs. Here are the basics you should know: Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) The maximum permissible weight of the vehicle when fully loaded for travel including the vehicle, cargo, liquids and fuel, passengers, and any towed vehicle... Read More