What accessories do you need for towing a travel trailer?

If you plan on towing a travel trailer, there are certain basic accessories you will need. In this fourth segment of Mark Polk’s RV Education 101 DIY® Project Video Series, he demonstrates some “must have” trailer towing accessories from Fastway Trailer Products. The products shown in this video are available at Amazon. Read More

RVSEF website provides information for safe RVing

Finding accurate, unbiased safety information regarding your RV can sometimes be quite daunting. But in this video Walter Cannon of the RV Safety and Education Foundation explains the benefits to RVers of visiting his organization’s website to obtain the safety information you need. Sign up for the FREE Saturday RV Travel newsletter crammed full of news, how-to articles, and other information... Read More

Keep your RV safe with this checklist

Safety should be your first priority, both to yourself and to you family and guests. With a few minutes of your time and a safety checklist, you can prevent many accidents and dangerous practices before they become a serious problem. This checklist is a good start. 1. Tires – Inflate properly and frequently inspect for potential damage. I started this... Read More

Creature and critter crossing signs along our nation’s highways

You’ve seen the signs on the nation’s highways. Square yellow signs tilted at an angle with a picture of some creature on it – or a semblance, anyway. Deer, moose, ducks, and in the Pacific Northwest, salmon. That must be an eye opener for Easterners, Southerners, and Midwesterners who probably wouldn’t blink at a nutria, alligator, or bear crossing. Well,... Read More