Create extra space under your kitchen and bathroom sinks

All RVers would like a little extra space for storage. This is especially true for under your sink where the P-trap sits right in the middle of the cabinet and hinders storage capacity. In this short video Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor, shows you a device that can help create extra space under a kitchen or bathroom sink.  Subscribe to the FREE... Read More

Keep your refrigerator operating efficiently

These quick tips in this short video by Mark Polk of RVeducation101 will help your RV’s refrigerator work more efficiently, keeping your food cooler with no hot spots and saving on propane as well. It could also prolong the life of your fridge.  Subscribe to the FREE RV Travel Saturday newsletter loaded with news, articles, and how-to advice for RVers. ##RVT831 Read More

Aaargh! Those infernal ants!

If you’ve read Pulitzer Prize-winning biologist, philosophical thinker, and author Edward O. Wilson, you may have a soft spot in your heart for ants. But not in your RV. And if you want to avoid the difficult decision of what to do after they’ve made it inside, listen to Chris Dougherty of RV Medics of New England discussing ways to keep ants out... Read More

Tips for best performance of your RV refrigerator

Your RV refrigerator looks and acts similar to a regular household refrigerator, except there are some differences.These tips will help your RV refrigerator to perform as you would expect it to – even when this refrigerator goes bounding up and down the highways.  Subscribe to the FREE RV Travel Saturday newsletter loaded with information of interest to RVers.   Read More

Spend several hours in an RV before buying it

Whether you plan to spend $10,000, $50,000 or $550,000 for that first or fifth RV, you need to look at it “differently” before plopping down your cash. Walk into any new RV and you will likely see various decorative accessories – e.g., vases, scarves, flowers – tastefully placed to enhance the “look.” My RV doesn’t look like that and yours... Read More

Pack your cupboards tight to prevent breakage

By Russ and Tiña De Maris While RV makers typically put strong door catches on cupboards, some new RVers are concerned about what might go on behind those doors. Is there a way to secure your stuff? A new RVers asks: “How do you store stuff in your cupboards?” Fearful that the shifting and bumping on the road would cause... Read More