Which towable trailer is right for you?

Presumably, you are here because you have decided that a towable RV makes sense for your travel style and budget. Leaving aside pop-up campers, which aren’t really in the same class, your choices are travel trailer (TT) and fifth wheel trailer (5er). As with other decisions in the RV spectrum, there is no single right answer. Both have their strong... Read More

Class A, B or C – Which is right for you?

If you are considering the purchase of an RV and you have decided that a motorized unit is more to your liking than a towable, you still have many options to evaluate before taking the plunge. The choices are broadly categorized as Class A, Class B and Class C motorhomes. These classes are described in more detail in other articles;... Read More

How to make leveling your trailer and fifth wheel easy

  Leveling a fifth wheel or travel trailer is something we have to do just about every time we park our rigs. But it’s not difficult. The basic principles apply to all trailers. We’ll cover those, along with some hands-on tips, and we’ll suggest some tools and other items that can make things easier. As we said, the basic approach... Read More

Styles of RVs and how to tell them apart

What’s a recreational vehicle? Although the term can be loosely stretched to include just about any vehicle that is used for recreational purposes, a recreational vehicle (RV) is generally a transportable, motorized or non-motorized vehicle that contains, at the very least, a bed for sleeping. Most RVs, however, also contain a kitchen area, bathroom, dinette and often an area with... Read More

Own a pickup truck? A fifth wheel might be your best option

If you are one of the millions of Americans whose family “car” is a pickup truck, you hold the key to what is fast becoming the most luxurious recreational vehicle lifestyle in North America! The power and weight-carrying capacity of the pickup make it the ideal tow vehicle for the modern fifth wheel travel trailer. While mini-vans and passenger sedans... Read More

Van conversions: an RV and a passenger vehicle

A growing number of value-conscious consumers looking to travel in comfort but with plenty of cargo space and room for extra passengers are choosing van conversions. Van conversions are vans originally manufactured by automakers and then modified by specialized companies. Custom windows, luxurious carpeting, designer wall treatments, plush seats and sofas that convert to beds are some of the most... Read More