Keep mice out of your RV with Mouse Free

Unless you have invited mice to use your RV as a residence, you may want to consider ways to keep them out. correspondent Chris Dougherty interviews Jonathan Del Grande about Mouse Free, a product that is designed to keep mice out of recreational vehicles.  Subscribe to the FREE RV Travel Saturday newsletter loaded with information of interest to RVers. Read More

Easy way to conserve water when not hooked up

Water conservation is one of the most limiting factors on the number of days you can boondock or camp without a water supply. When you run out of water it’s time to pack up and head for a water refill station, something boondockers avoid whenever possible.  In this short video editor, Chuck Woodbury shows you a simple way to... Read More

Stop those parasitic loads from attacking your batteries

Do you know that your RV can be attacked by parasitic loads even when sitting idle or in storage? What the heck are parasitic loads, you ask? In this segment of “The RV DIY® Project Video Series” Mark Polk, with RV Education 101, demonstrates how to install the protector – a battery disconnect switch – directly on the deep cycle RV... Read More