Resources for beginning RVers

Editor’s note: We moved our old, outdated, worn out on May 1, 2016 and are updating the information here daily. When we are done it will be a valuable resource. In the meantime, we will point you to some places with essential information for beginning RVers.

Essential Resources
Videos for beginning RVers on YouTube.
Directory of upcoming RV shows.

Top ten researched RVs in 2015.
What’s best for a new RVer, trailer or motorhome?
Beware of buying an RV with a bogus VIN number.
ABCs of RV shopping: Two popular types of motorhomes.
Buying an RV through Craigslist. Good idea?
The good and the bad of attending an RV show.
Buying a motorhome? Gas or diesel?
Holding tank valves: Which is which?
Buying a new RV? Be sure to check the tires!
Overweight RVs: An industry and consumers’ problem.
If you’re not willing to do this, don’t buy an RV!

YouTube videos
Don’t buy and RV before doing this.
Two things to check out when buying an RV.
Six tips about how to buy an RV.
Size matters when choosing an RV.
Matching the right truck with your trailer or fifth wheel.
Free RV camping at Wal-Mart. How to do it.
Where to store your RV when it’s not being used.

Books from
The RV Buyers Survival Guide. Best seller year after year.
So You Want To Be An RVer. Authors know their stuff.
Buying a Used Motorhome: How to get the most for your money and not get burned.
The Mobile Internet Handbook: By far the best resource for learning about managing your digital life on the road and getting online.

Many more articles for new RVers
Find many more helpful articles and resources at the beginning RVers section at

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