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Comments for How to keep your water lines from freezing

  • You can purchase the RV Anti-Freeze by the Gallon from Walmart too. A whole lot cheaper, about $2.90 a gallon vs. allot more on Amazon.

    Also, if you have a Washer in your RV, don’t forget to run some RV Anti Freeze through the water lines too.

    And be sure to close off your Water Lines if you have an Ice maker and turn off the ice maker and remove your refrigerator Water Filter (if you have one) RV Anti-Freeze in this filter will ruin it and your water will taste funny if you try to reuse it.

  • I like to blow out the water lines and then use the anti freeze ( I use 1 gal per 10 feet of trailer, and that works good). Don’t forget to pour some anti-freeze down your pea traps. and make sure take out anything that can freeze out of the camper so you don’t have a mess to clean up in the spring.

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