Laundry chore: A low tech, easy solution

Sometimes you find a simple, low tech method of accomplishing a necessary task. What a pleasure it is to discover it. In this video editor Chuck Woodbury shows you a simple, almost free way to do your laundry as you roll down the highway in your RV. Sound impossible? Nope. Easy. See how it’s done. Presented by Sign up for its informative weekly or daily newsletters(s) at .



2 Thoughts to “Laundry chore: A low tech, easy solution”

  1. OreZonians

    Is it expensive to Close-Caption your videos? I often watch them with the sound off so I don’t bother people sitting nearby. Plus many of us are getting a little hard of hearing and/or watching on hand held devices with not optimal sound.

    1. Albert

      You can click on CC or Closed Captions, of if it’s not a YouTube video, go to settings and click to find the captions.

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