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Comments for Taking delivery of your new RV: Don’t miss this step!

  • For anyone buying an RV with the automatic leveler systems,I would highly recommend you fully understand how to operate it before escaping the RV dealer..when I bought our new fifth wheel from a dealer in Tri-Cities ,Washington,I was rushed out the gate by an unscrupulous service manager who only said ,there is the button,when asked about the automatic levelers. One can do some serious damage to their RV if they don’t know how to properly operate the lever system.

  • This is an extensive list that sounds daunting, but in retrospect, if I’d done ALL these things I might have not had the issues (few that they were) I had when we bought our trailer back in 2012.

    A friend who bought a new $500k+ motorhome told me he wished he’s spent a night in it at the dealer to 1. learn how all the stuff worked, and 2. find the stuff that DIDN’T work.

  • Hopefully, you have become an “educated” RV Buyer prior to this point.

    If you don’t know ANYTHING about RV’s and have purchased a rig because it was “pretty”, get help! It’s not too late!

    The dealer will run thru a laundry list of items with you on how the rigs actually works. The WON’T tell you things about whether or not you have the right axle set, tires, brakes (disc vs. electric), Pin Box for your application, 3 A/C units versus 2 for hot weather conditions. They won’t pull the A/C supply vents to demonstrate to you how they are jammed into the duct limiting air flow. They won’t tell you that the storage area of an FL (Front Living) model is much smaller than other models. They won’t tell you if you are over-weight before you even load up and hit the road. Most of the time, they won’t even tell you that your tow vehicle is too small or that you forgot to check with the DMV (Dept of Motor Vehicles) to get a Class A licence to pull or drive your new rig. You only find that out AFTER you get that first ticket or get into the first accident that the insurance company won’t pay off on…

    There are just so many things people overlook when buying their first rig. It’s Buyer beware!

    BEFORE you pull off the lot, consider an RV Inspector. They are just like home inspectors and can find things that appear to work, but don’t. really good and experienced ones can help you with the information above.

    Don’t shy away from camping. It’s worth every minute. Just don’t end up with Buyer’s Remorse.

  • The PDI is technically performed by the dealer’s service department prior to delivery. In the auto industry it is called dealer prep.

    The buyer does a walk through at the time of delivery.

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