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Comments for A fact of traveling by RV: breakdowns

  • To be fully prepared for all eventualities, a motor home owner should be aware of proper towing requirements for their unit. Towing company operators can’t always know the peculiarities of every design out there. For example, some smaller Class C vehicles are very low with long overhang which would be in contact with the road if the front end was lifted by the “hook and tow” method. Some are also so tall, that they must be transported on a “low boy” trailer or risk contact with an overpass.

  • We had several breakdowns in our 14 years full-time. Most were quickly resolved and we were on our way. A couple, though, happened to take some time. The last event was wonderful. We were able to make last-minute reservations for the train to the Grand Canyon and overnight at the El Tovar Lodge. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!

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