3 Thoughts to “Stop damaging your electrical circuit boards”

  1. Booneyrat

    I disagree that “any surge protector” will protect your RV circuit boards.Only a quality EMS unit will do that.While “any surge protector ” will help stop power surges, they will not disconnect the power if a ground fault is found,or if the pedestal is mis-wired and you plug your RV cord in.A good EMS will not allow current to reach your RV if a fault is found by the EMS. There is a big difference between a surge protector and an EMS.

  2. steve

    I rewire all my boards from the converter to the batteries. I have replaced a board in 20 years.

  3. George

    I would think it prudent if you shut all your inside breakers to “off” before doing any welding on your RV. As well, the welder should be grounded as very close as possible to where the arc will occur so the welder’s power does not travel though out all the RVs metal structure.

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