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Comments for Truths about buying an RV you shouldn’t ignore

  • Thanks for this article Chuck. Finally, someone with a public forum put the truth out there about Rv’s and RV’ing. My wife and I bought our motorhome new in 2015, with a clear idea of what we were getting into. So far our rig has performed well with only a few warranty items rectified. We had these issues, including the foolish and useless tankless water heater replaced, by a dealer that was not where we bought it from. We contacted the manufacturer, directly and they had a list of authorized dealers in our area and they did the work in a reasonable time. We believe that with some common sense planning and realistic expectations, RV’ing is fun and a great way to travel. Keep up the great work.

  • I started studying about full-time Rv’ing before I lost my home to a scam in 2011. During the time I was homeless as a result, I continued to study different kinds of RV, how I would move it, deal with TX summer and winter, etc. I was given my current RV and it’s doing its job for now. Now I’m looking for a used 24′ trailer (slides not mandatory), and a truck. I’ll fix the issues and upgrade insulation, AC and everything that’s needed to turn it into a mini-mansion for me and my cats and writing career on the road. And I won’t spend a fortune getting there.

  • I bought a new 2015 Winnebago ERA, a B-class motorhome built in a Mercedes 3500 Sprinter van. I bought it because knew I would get proven engineering and problem recourse with established manufacturers. After 2 years of “working out the bugs”, I would do the same again. There are too many issues to buy used, particularly from off-brand manufacturers. Unless you are a rabid handyman, it’s no fun having to patch up your $100K+ investment every month. Also, rent 3 times before you buy anything. Best investment you’ll ever make.

  • We have had numerous RV’s over the last 40 years,,and the use of them…or lack of because of over crowding…has become the new norm.Gone are the days of affordable RV’s and scrupulous RV dealers. Now it’s buyer beware and hope like heck you can fix all the problems the dealers won’t…hopefully not in Walmart parking lots.

  • Thanks Chuck, your column alerted me to the pitfalls of purchasing an expensive “lemon” then becoming a Full-Timer & the experience of a B-in-law with his $10k annual maintenance bills & numerous repairs confirmed the advice.
    The “Dream” was a $700k diesel pusher full timing living beach to beach Texas to Florida stopping for 2 weeks to a month each then mountain resorts in the heat of summer.
    Instead I bought a 32′ Jayco 2 slides with an outdoor kitchen & use it 1 week at a time generally once a month.
    With the savings, bought a snowbird home in Florida & a condo on Isla de Mujeres spending a similar amount.

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