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Comments for Urban RV driving tips

  • The absolute worst part of our Carson City, NV to Quartzsite, AZ trip is ALWAYS the Las Vegas portion. The traffic is craziness! There’s always road construction. Just when you think you’ve got the best route memorized, they open up a new construction project and all your plans are out the window. And, we will NEVER go through on a Saturday morning!

  • When going through Salt Lake City try the Legacy Parkway. It cuts out a lot of interchanges and for the north half no vehicle with 5 or more axles are allowed so no semi traffic.

  • 2018 Random McNally Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas is America’s best selling trucker’s atlas. Highlights 18-wheeler routes. If they can get thru, you can get thru. $19.95.

    • The 2017 version is one of the first things I bought after getting my motorhome. I bought it even before getting my Garmin.

  • I agree – SLC and LV are horrible to get through. Portland and Seattle are no better. Sacramento can be horrible during high traffic times. LA – forget it. We solve it by going through early early or late late

  • When going through round-a-bouts I turn on the emergency flashers prior to the entrance and take up both lanes. That way no one tries to crowd me.

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