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Answers the questions that Beginning RVers need to know. Available as a Microsoft Word download!
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Buying An RV?
You must read the new book "RV Buyers Survival Guide." Learn how much an RV dealer makes on each sale. Learn how low an offer you can make and still get the RV! Written by an RV sales manager, who reveals insider secrets. Read more.

Beginners Guide to RVing
Advice and information for beginning RVers and others thinking of taking up the recreational vehicle lifestyle.

KOA Kampgrounds: Get a KOA value card. Save 10% off your stay and get a free campground directory.

Magazine is dedicated to RV travel in the West
RV Journal is the only magazine dedicated to RV travel in the American West. Each issues is packed with features and information. Subscribe here and receive free bonus issues.

A newspaper for fulltime RVers
The Gypsy Journal is Nick and Terry Russell's delightful newspaper published from the road about their travels by motorhome in America. RVers who travel a lot or who would like to, will enjoy this delightful tabloid.

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Dummies Guide to Buying a Used RV
Buying a used RV? Order this downloadable book. Written by a veteran RV service technician. Learn what to look for in a used RV. Read it and help avoid huge repair bills later! "Essential!"

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Book reveals how RVers can find work as they travel the USA

May we suggest another book, "Support Your RV Lifestyle: An Insider's Guide to Working On The Road."

If you have ever wanted to travel fulltime in an RV, but did not believe there was a way to earn enough money to support yourself and your family as you travel, "Work Your Way Across The USA" is for you. Written by a working fulltime RVer, this book, publish
ed in 2001, reveals dozens of ideas for generating a full or part time income as you travel.

Author Nick Russell has presented seminars and classes on working on the road at RV rallies across the country, and he now brings his information to print in an easy reading book that is packed with useful information to help you achieve your goal of financial security while you explore all this great country has to offer from the comforts of your own RV.

Beginning with an overview of the fulltimer lifestyle, the author explains how and why it is possible for you to begin a new career on the road. From there, he helps you realize why living the RV lifestyle may be much less expensive than you think, helps you assess your interests and abilities, and discusses tax issues affecting working fulltimers.

In the next chapter, Russell explores working possibilities available to fulltimers, then presents information on jobs compatible with the fulltime lifestyle, workamping, seasonal jobs, and other useful information to help you select just the right career to take you on the road.

Next the author explores swap meet and flea market vending, and selling at craft fairs, festivals, and specialty events such as car shows, rodeos, antique shows, and other venues, and provides useful resources to help you find the right products, and the wholesalers who can supply them.

One chapter helps you discover how you might turn the talents and skills you have into money making opportunities, while another is devoted to computers, which Russell calls "money machines,'' as he outlines ways to earn money with a computer and a few simple, inexpensive programs. From there he presents a potpourri of money making ideas, all proven to turn a profit.

Finally, you will learn the ways fulltime working RVers have discovered to save money as they travel, thereby lowering the amount of money they must earn to support their lite on the road. Yes, you can make a living as you travel the country fulltime, and this book will show you how to make your dream come true!

May we suggest another book, "Support Your RV Lifestyle: An Insider's Guide to Working On The Road."

ORDER ONLINE for $12.95 plus $3.50 postage and handling (plus $1.11 state sales tax in Washington state).

"Work Your Way Across the USA" is available through postal mail by sending payment (or credit card information) to Out West, 9792 Edmonds Way #265, Edmonds, WA 98020. Orders may also be placed by phone during West Coast business hours at 425-776-1228 (or 800-274-9378) or any time by fax at 425-776-3398. Visa and Mastercard accepted. Please, no orders outside the US or Canada.

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