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Recreational vehicle fire safety
Here from the Oregon State Police and Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal are important reminders to understand fire prevention and safety of your vehicle to protect you and your family.

28 solar eclipse events across the country
According to Cheapism, these are the top solar eclipse events for August 21, when a total transcontinental solar eclipse arrives. With an approximately 70-mile-wide path from Oregon to South Carolina, even partial views of this once-in-a-lifetime event will be possible across North America — something to celebrate with plenty of viewing parties and other events planned coast to coast. From Cheapism and

Tour these ancient ruins in America you never knew existed
Ancient peoples built cities in this country long before Christopher Columbus set foot here. Some ancient sites are familiar, but here are five you may not have heard of — including some dating back thousands of years. Fascinating! From Architectural Digest and

Scenic summer road trip ideas for a small budget
Here are suggestions for 25 road trips to take this summer, no matter where you are in the country. From GoBankingRates and

50 foods, 50 states: The must-eat roadfoods across America
After four decades traversing the country in search of America’s best food, Jane and Michael Stern know a thing or two about eating well on the road. They’ve written the award-winning Roadfood books — the go-to, indispensable guides to the best bites along America’s freeways and backroads alike. Check out the Sterns’ picks for can’t-miss food in every state and learn some tricks to picking out the best place to stop for a meal and what to order. From PopSugar and

The best lakes in all 50 states
Looking to spend summer days on or in the water? Even in land-locked states there are plenty of sites for swimming, boating and other aquatic adventures. Here are some of the top lakes in each state. (Be sure to check for beach and park closings before making plans.) From Cheapism and m

75 attractions to see while driving across the country
While driving around the country in your RV, here are some attractions along America’s many iconic stretches of roadway, including Interstates 40, 95, 80, 10, and 90 and Route 66. Most are cheap or free; the others may be worth a splurge. From Cheapism and

50 budget-friendly RV campgrounds to check out
“Traveling in an RV means a homey and budget-friendly vacation. Many campgrounds charge no more than $50 a night, and many offer resort-like amenities. combed through TripAdvisor, RV Park Reviews, and campgrounds’ own review pages to find under-the-radar destinations in every state that may offer last-minute availability in high season. Discounts for seniors, military, and Good Sam RV Club members are common, as are extra fees for more than two adults and children.” From and

Top-rated attraction in each state
Yep, just what it says. These are top-rated by TripAdvisor, and we’re sure you’ll agree with at least some of their choices. Plus, you’ll probably get some new ideas for travel destinations. From USA Today and

2017’s best and worst states for summer road trips
“With road warriors in mind, WalletHub compared the 50 U.S. states based on 22 key metrics to find the most fun, scenic and wallet-friendly road-trip destinations — plus those that’ll have travelers pulling a quick U-turn. Our data set ranges from the number of attractions to road conditions to costs. Read on for the full ranking, our methodology and expert road-trip advice.”  From’s 50 most-saved recipes
You know these have to be delicious. From main dishes, to side dishes, to desserts — we bet you’ll find several recipes you’ll want to try from these favorites. The hard part will be choosing which to make! From

The 40 best places in the U.S. to travel back in time
You can learn about history by immersing yourself in a different era by heading to some of the best living-history exhibits, festivals and events across the country. Whether you want to experience traditional colonial crafts or a Wild West gunfight, here are the 40 best places in the U.S. to travel back in time. From Cheapism and

The weirdest laws in every state
Over time old laws tend to be ignored (or not as strictly enforced) for whatever reason. So there are some weird laws still on the books in many states, such as: don’t wear cowboy boots in Blythe, Calif., unless you own at least two cows; in Louisiana if you bite someone with your natural teeth it is simple assault, if with false teeth it is aggravated assault; in Washington state, any “motorist with criminal intentions [must] stop at the city limits and telephone the police as he is entering the town” (not sure which town that is); and the list goes on. So as you’re traveling around the country, don’t say we didn’t warn you. From The Daily Meal and

The best summer vacation spot in every state
You don’t need to go far to have an epic summer vacation. From local gems to world-famous spots, Insider found the best summer vacation destination in every state. From Insider and

The 16 dumbest things people have done in U.S. national parks
You won’t believe some of the things people have done in our national parks, but we’re positive that you are lots smarter than these folks! From Insider and

The best thing to see from your car (or RV) in every state
No road trip is complete without a few stops to take in the best sights America has to offer — from wacky roadside attractions to stunning vistas. The best part? You don’t even need to get out of your vehicle to see most of them. Here’s the best thing to see from your car (or, better yet, your RV) in each state. From Insider and

Current wildfire information 
Incident Information System (InciWeb) is a U.S. government interagency which provides the public a single source of incident-related information. Learn about current incidents (wildfires), including location, status and acres, as well as announcements, closures, photographs and maps of wildfires. The information is constantly updated, and is important when planning a road trip.

The prettiest town in every state
The United States is still one of the greatest places to live and travel, with more beautiful cities and towns than anyone can imagine. Here is one town from each state which offers something enchanting and unique, and some suggestions for activities and local attractions to enjoy while visiting these beautiful locations. From The Daily Meal and

Recipes from the RV Goddess. Along with great-sounding recipes, get tips and recommendations for cooking in an RV and organizing an RV kitchen, free downloadable checklists for meal planning, shopping and more, as well as some RVing and grandmotherly advice along the way.

Summer travel destinations in all 50 states
Have you planned your summer travel yet? “From majestic national parks and awe-inspiring natural wonders, to vivacious metropolitan cities or serene seaside towns, America is packed with options that will satisfy your craving. All you have to do is decide where to go and how to get there.” Oh, wait! You already know how to get there! From PopSugar and

The best free tourist attraction in every state
Museums, botanical gardens, beaches, candy factories, historic trails, cultural centers — and lots more free, fun and educational places to visit. Be sure if you’re going near any of these locations to add them to your must-visit list. From Reader’s Digest and

Secrets of the West’s ghost towns
Here are 16 ghost towns to explore, with a bit of history of each. Some of these locations have updated tourist attractions mixed in with the old, some don’t, but all are fascinating. From

The best all-you-can-eat restaurant in every state
Do you ever get hungry — and we mean really hungry — on the road but just don’t feel like cooking? Delish set out to find the best all-you-can-eat joint in every state and came up with this list, which includes a huge variety of cuisines. And have you ever heard of all you-can-eat lobster and filet mignon? Oh, my! From Delish and

Enjoy a beautiful vacation at these 50 national parks for free
Here are 50 of the hundreds of national parks that have no entrance fees. These include many historic sites as well as natural wonders. Activities are suggest at each location. From GOBankingRates and

28 of the best antique shows in America
Check out this coast-to-coast guide to the top spots for finding vintage treasures. From

For those who travel with pets is a “full-service” website for those traveling with pets. Besides helpful tips for traveling with your furry friends, they list pet-friendly campgrounds, beaches, off-leash parks, as well as veterinarians and pet supply stores, and even restaurants and wineries where your pooch is welcome to join you!

All 59 National Parks ranked
National Parks bring a unique variety of gorgeous landscapes, various wildlife, adventure sports and incredible scenery. To rank the parks, The Active Times did extensive research into what each of the parks had to offer. Do you enjoy action-packed adventures? Maybe you would rather go sightseeing. Whatever your heart desires, America’s national treasures will provide them to you. From The Active Times and

The best scenic getaways in every state
Jaw-dropping scenery and legendary photo ops. That’s what you’ll find in this list that includes one-of-a-kind scenes in iconic and lesser-known destinations across the country — all well worth the trip. U.S. News & World Report – Travel and

Free travel guides from Oregon
Planning a trip to Oregon? Or do you live there and want to find out what you’ve been missing? Here are some free travel guides from Oregon that you can have mailed to you, and some can also be viewed online. These include the Travel Oregon Visitor Guide, as well as a resource guide to the total solar eclipse happening on August 21, the Scenic Byways Driving Guide, and more. From

The Great American Travel Bucket List
Here are 71(!) terrific places to visit in the U.S. — in case you run out of ideas. OMG! Where to start? From PopSugar and

Camping recipes. More than a thousand delicious-sounding campfire and RV (or anywhere) recipes, from KOA campers.

U.S. national parks you didn’t know you needed to see
These parks include the least-crowded national park, a park where you can see all four types of volcanoes (there are four types?), some of the best spots to stargaze, where you can check out 200-million-year-old fossils, and view a coral reef and underwater fossils at 8,000+ feet elevation. What are you waiting for? From The Active Times and

50 most beautiful highway drives in America
Here are some excellent road trip ideas, especially if you’re of the belief that the journey is more important than the destination. These trips are for those who like to stop and take in the views along America’s legendary highways. There is something for everyone among these scenic road trips. From Cheapism and

The 10 most dangerous bugs to watch out for this summer
Some bugs sting, bite, or even carry disease. Learn to recognize these dangerous insects to protect yourself and your family. From Readers’ Digest and

The weirdest facts about all 50 states
There’s a quirkier side to each state that’s likely not covered in a history class. From the birthplace of fast-food pizza to the tiniest park you’ll ever see, here are just a few facts that reveal the more unusual side to each state. These are fun! From Good Housekeeping and

Fifty trips everyone should take in the U.S.
Here is a list 0f 50 great adventures to experience around the U.S. — some you may have tried, but we bet there are a lot you haven’t even considered. Selecting even just a few of these would make an amazing bucket list. From Insider and

Ten state capitals with hidden treasures
Avoid the tourist traps by visiting these underrated spots in some of America’s iconic state capitals — from a lesser-known city park to an underground tunnel decked with colorful street art. Check out these underappreciated spots on your next trip to these capitals. From U.S. News & World Report – Travel and

Camping and RV parks in Illinois
“Take the scenic route and visit some of the best spots for camping in Illinois. Lake-side to forest fringe, we break down the RV parks and campgrounds available in Illinois.” From the Illinois Office of Tourism.

The most amazing National Parks to visit in the spring
Here is a list of 15 National Parks that are perfect to visit in the spring — when there are fewer visitors and beautiful wildflowers in bloom, not to mention wildlife to observe. Some suggested activities as well as what to watch for are included. Time to end your winter hibernation and explore the great outdoors. From The Active Times and

RV Park Reviews. Currently there are 288,384 (increasing daily) user-submitted reviews for 15,835 campgrounds in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

The 50 most underrated attractions in every state
“Classic tourist attractions may have their charms, but they come with a huge drawback: sooo many crowds. From fascinating museums to gorgeous scenery, these destinations are just as interesting but are off-the-beaten-path, even for locals, and a guaranteed hit for your next long weekend” or RV short stop. This is not the same list as we presented earlier — most of these attractions are different from that list, which was from the U.K. From Good Housekeeping and

The most beautiful places in Yosemite National Park
Planning a trip to Yosemite this year? Don’t miss these must-see locations with more than 400 species of vertebrates, including mountain lions and bears, as well as meadows, forests, mountain peaks and groves of giant sequoias that are accessible throughout the entire park. Yosemite National Park ranked No. 1 in The Active Times’ “All 59 National Parks Ranked” list. From The Active Times and

Twenty must-try legendary restaurants
Here are 20 legendary restaurants you should visit if you call yourself a food lover. These local legends have become national treasures and iconic institutions. Check ’em out when you’re in the neighborhood and enjoy some delicious, legend-making food. From The Daily Meal and

The 50 cheapest places to retire
These cities, chosen by GOBankingRates after much research and study, “are as vibrant as they are affordable, with everything from natural beauty and colorful histories to world-class culture and amenities.” From GOBankingRates and

America’s 22 most scenic road trips you need to take before you die
If you need some new ideas for a road trip, check these out. We’ve presented similar lists before, but each source has some different ideas. “Hit the road and explore a new place, meet new people, and try unique food. Find out firsthand why this way of traveling is an American classic.” From The Active Times and

Best bars in America
These 30 bars stand out from the crowd, and for various reasons. They’re all top-rated and you’ll find out why as you scroll through this list. Some offer award-winning drinks, some offer a funky atmosphere, some offer live music and dancing — there’s something special about each. Check ’em out, and maybe visit while you’re in town. It’s interesting just reading about them! Cheers! From Lovefood and

Picturesque small towns in every state
These small towns are worthy of a visit — not only for their beauty, but also their history, architecture, outdoor activities, culture, and much more. From USA Today and

Best perks for seniors in all 50 states
There are definitely some financial benefits to getting older. Supermarkets, drugstores, restaurant chains and retail outlets offer senior discounts. And it doesn’t stop there. All 50 states give seniors unique opportunities to save money on taxes, transportation and recreational activities. Maybe you’ll find something you qualify for but didn’t know about. From Cheapism and

20 amazing places you can visit without leaving North America
Here are “one-of-a-kind attractions, incredible landscapes, vibrant cities and iconic landmarks in North America” to consider visiting — maybe even some you haven’t thought about before. Several of these are recommended especially for spring visits. From The Active Times and

The most iconic dessert from every state
Here’s a thought. As you travel into a different state, how about making, or ordering, a dessert associated with that state? Some of these are actually the official state dessert, while others are just suggestions based on iconic sweets connected to the state. If you’re a “sweetaholic,” this website’s for you. From The Daily Meal and

22 cheap nostalgia trips for seniors
From admiring classic cars to strolling along a boardwalk, there are surprisingly inexpensive ways for the young at heart to recapture the spirit of yesteryear. How long since you’ve been to a drive-in theater or a roller skating rink? There are lots of great ideas here — fun for seniors to relive the past, and an education for younger folks to experience some activities which were enjoyed for generations before electronics and social media took over. From Cheapism and

Sixty spring farmers market recipes
If you’re traipsing around the country on these beautiful spring days and can’t resist buying a bushel of fresh produce at a farmers market or roadside stand, here are some delicious recipes to help you use those purchases. Nothing says spring like fresh rhubarb, asparagus, strawberries, and more. Many of these recipes are prize winners. Yum! From Taste of Home and

The best place to camp in each of the 50 states
Granted, not all of these spectacular locations are RV friendly, but many are. If you enjoy viewing Mother Nature at her best and/or participating in outdoor activities, this is for you. We’re pretty sure you haven’t heard of all these locations, and we’re just as sure that some of the activities will have you saying, “Hey, let’s try that!” From Travel + Leisure and

Ten bugs that live in your house (or RV) — and how to get rid of them
“Bugs, like all creatures, have their place on this earth. But nobody wants that place to be in their home. Like it or not, insects and all manner of creepy-crawlies make their way into our houses. … Learn how to send some of the most common household bugs packing.” From Bob Vila and

The 5 best road trips to take this spring
Spring has sprung! So, how about planning a good old-fashioned road trip? Here are five stunning drives around the country perfect for the changing seasons. Okay, one is on Maui, but that leaves four great springtime road trips to choose from in the contiguous U.S. From and (Read editor Chuck Woodbury’s essay on The RV road trip is near death. Better get a move-on.)

Where to get the best sandwich in every state
After much research, Spoon University compiled this list of the favorite sandwich from every state based on popularity, local reviews and the cuisine of the area. Even if you can’t get to these locations to try them in person, just the pictures and descriptions will inspire you to make some of these delicious sandwiches yourself. From The Daily Meal.

Must-visit national parks in Canada
Headed to Canada this year? Here is a list of 16 of their beautiful national parks, as well as popular activities at each. Unfortunately, not all are RV-accessible, but a lot of them are. From

The best bucket list adventures in every state
Getting tired of the term “bucket list”? Yeah, we are too. But that’s the name of this great list of amazing adventures in every state, so we’ll just have to go with it. And we’ll bet you haven’t heard of, or even thought of, a lot of these activities. So check ’em out and you might get excited about trying some new things — whether you call it a bucket list or not. From The Active Times and

Twenty easy ways to repurpose baking soda
In addition to using baking soda for baking, it can also be used to improve on certain cooking recipes. It’s also a thrifty solution to many common household problems including decalcifying shower heads and faucets, cleaning corrosion from battery terminals, and easily cleaning a BBQ grill grate. From and

The oldest restaurant in every state (and D.C.)
Did you know that 60 percent of new restaurants fail within their first year? So, that tells you something about the restaurants on this list, most of which have been around since the 1700s and 1800s, and even one from 1673! They must be doing something right! (And just think how young they’ll make you feel in comparison.) From and

13 weird and wacky attractions on Route 66
Here are some unique attractions you won’t want to miss while you get your kicks along the iconic 90-year-old Route 66. From Fodor’s and

Hidden gems of the National Park system
Absolutely amazing natural and historic locations scattered across the U.S. that you won’t want to miss, especially after you see these beautiful photos. Includes national conservation areas, wildlife refuges, historic landmarks and national parks. “These are like appetizers for your wanderlust.” From USA Today and

Odd tourist attractions to visit in all 50 states
Tired of seeing the same old sights? These attractions range from zany to scary and everything in between, and will certainly make any trip even more interesting. If you enjoy visiting museums, be sure to check out the huge variety in this list. From Cheapism and

Six of America’s most beautiful places to visit in the spring
Spring is almost here (March 20). Time to start planning your spring trip(s), and here are some great suggestions. Did you know that, according to the U.S. News & World Report, the Grand Canyon is the number one spring escape? Find out why. From Reader’s Digest and

Recipes for the road. Lots of great recipes perfect for RVing. You can filter your search for just the right recipe by season and by meal type — handy! You can even share your favorite recipes online, once they pass the hungry panelists’ taste test. From

Here’s help for planning a 2017 solar eclipse viewing trip
If you’re planning on viewing the 2017 total eclipse of the sun, here’s a website recommended by Roger Marble, our RV Tire Safety expert. Roger reports: “I used [this website] to lay out plans for a trip to TN to view the total eclipse. It uses Google maps and with the extra info I was able to find a few RV campgrounds that still have sites available.”

8 things that matter more than money for a happy retirement
It’s important to remember that there’s a lot more to enjoying a happy retirement than simply saving enough money. True wealth and happiness come from many sources — and many of those sources can relate to the RVing lifestyle. How cool is that?! From U.S. News & World Report and

The most underrated tourist attraction in all 50 states
Each state has its own iconic tourist attractions, but here is a list of underrated hidden treasures that are well worth the visit.  From Thrillist

National Park record-setters
Here’s an interesting list of the 10 highest, tallest, hottest, smallest, etc., of the 413 national park sites. From

Free things to do in every state
Here’s a great list of fun things to see, do and indulge in for free while you’re exploring the U.S., including museums, concerts, hikes, tours, food and beverages, and lots more.  From GOBankingRates and

10 U.S. towns that are older than America
Do you enjoy learning about history? Do you want to feel young again? Well, there’s no guarantee of that, but these cities that are several hundred years old would be fascinating to explore and you would certainly feel young in comparison. From Bob Vila and

Ten of the coolest parks for RV camping
Some of these parks are private, some are public, and each offers its own unique features. Scattered around the U.S., check these out to see if there’s something that interests you. Maybe there’s even something here you haven’t heard of before. From The Active Times and

The best U.S. cities to escape the snow
Are you new to the snowbird lifestyle and haven’t yet picked out your favorite winter retreat? Here are some perfect locations to choose from. Some are best known for their sunshine and beaches, and others for their outdoor recreation opportunities. From The Active Times and

Where to find indoor fun in all 50 states this winter
Too cold or rainy to head out for a hike or a picnic? Try one of these great indoor attractions across the U.S. Some are free or cheap, and provide a full day of entertainment along with a little learning. Included are an amazing variety of museums, conservatories and lush indoor gardens, the world’s largest arcade, and more. From Cheapism and

Best places to visit in the U.S. in 2017
This is Lonely Planet’s annual list of the 10 most exciting places to visit in the U.S. in 2017. Suggestions for an awesome RVing bucket list, perhaps? From Lonely Planet and

Hit the highway: Best road trips of 2017
Here are a few ideas for road trips for this year, in case you’re still in the planning stages. These include national parks, historic places and culinary destinations. How about the Blackhawk Chocolate Trail in Illinois, or retrace the path of Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones in “Field of Dreams” from Boston to Dyersville, Iowa. Some interesting ideas here. From and

Well-stocked RV kitchen. Equipment and pantry staples for the well-stocked galley kitchen, tips and advice, and, of course, lots of recipes. From

The best of Florida on a budget
Here are more than 30 of the best things in Florida to experience and explore on a budget. Included are the best city for retirees, best RV park, best flea market, best dog-friendly vacation, spookiest graveyard, and lots more. Even if you’ve visited Florida many times or maybe live there, we’ll bet you’ll find some new places to visit on this list. From and

The 27 most beautiful places in America
Where would you find America’s most beautiful national park, the most beautiful mountain, the most beautiful waterfall, the most beautiful covered bridge, the most beautiful highway, and 22 more most beautiful locations in America. Why … in this list, of course! 😉 Look at this list of beauties and put together your own bucket list. From Country Living

Put in your city (in the U.S., Canada, and around the world) and see lots of suggestions for restaurants, events, museums, money-saving specials, favorite sights. They have two apps to “help guide you to amazing experiences.” More than 50 million people use Foursquare City Guide and Foursquare Swarm each month.

Top 25 websites you’ve probably never heard of
Here are 25 offbeat websites that are among the most popular in the world. It’s very interesting to see what these popular websites offer — maybe even something you can use. A fun “rainy day” project when it’s too cold or miserable out to leave the cozy comfort of your RV. From The Street

German-style Christmas markets in the U.S.
“Ringing in the holiday season, cities across the U.S. are celebrating with their own versions of the traditional German Christmas market. Not unlike the Christmas markets in Germany, each of its American cousins has a flair that is unique to the city or region where it takes place.” There are 30 markets across the U.S. listed here, with foods, crafts, entertainment, and so much more. From

The West’s best quirky attractions
Here are nine strange and fascinating roadside attractions in the West — some are nature-made, some are man-made, but none are necessarily “normal.” From 

The funniest slang term from every state
As you’re RVing around the country and hear a term you don’t understand, check it out on this list. How many of these have you heard (or used) before? From and

Iconic adventures for each of the 50 states
Great and sometimes unique ideas for things to see and do in each state. How many of these have you experienced? How many do you want to put on your bucket list? From Reader’s Digest

21 things you didn’t know you could make in your slow-cooker
Risotto, Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake, Peanut Butter Fudge, French Onion Dip, Party Mix, Buffalo Wings, and much more. Yum! From and

Chronicles of Courage: Stories of Wartime and Innovation
If you or someone you know were/are in the military, this will probably be of interest to you. This is a groundbreaking project begun more than 15 years ago by philanthropist Paul G. Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. It is one of the largest interview video archives on war and aviation ever created, and begins with World War II. It “captures the powerful first-person perspectives of more than 340 men and women from opposing sides of conflicts” and “will take you on an immersive journey into the heart of wartime,” including insight into some of the most iconic military aircraft. The archive went live on December 7, 2016, Pearl Harbor Day. From Flying Heritage Collection (

These 12 U.S. national parks look even more beautiful under a blanket of snow
Some of these gorgeous parks offer year-round camping, and all have winter activities for outdoor enthusiasts. You’ll see sights unlike anything you would see in the warmer months, not to mention enjoying a fraction of the tourists. From and

Fifty fulfilling, productive things to do in retirement
If you’re retired or soon-to-be retired and wondering what to do with all of your newly free time, here are 50 excellent suggestions — including traveling by RV, of course. But a lot of these great ideas will possibly present you with a new quandary: So much to do — how do I choose? From and

Offbeat attractions in all 50 states
Here are free or cheap quirky attractions to enjoy in each state as you’re traveling around the country. “Offbeat” is an understatement when describing these natural or man-made places of interest. From

The 16 best Christmas towns in America
Country Living picked 16 of the best places to celebrate the holidays in America. Lots of lights and decorations to ooh and aah over, along with memorable festivities to enjoy at locations scattered around the country. From and

51 cozy slow-cooker soups
Try some of these hearty slow-cooker recipes on cold, dreary winter days to warm you up as they fill you up. Maryland-style Crab Soup, Over-the-Rainbow Minestrone, Pepperoni Pizza Soup, Autumn Pumpkin Chili — so many to choose from! And so easy to prepare while you’re out and about for the day, or even driving to your next destination. From and

Odd phenomena that only happen in these places
From sailing stones to an eternally burning fire, MSN Weather looks at some of the most unusual phenomena that happen at these locations only — and some of which are in the U.S. Fascinating! From

Eight great American winter road trips
Here are some incredible iconic drives around the country to experience this winter, when there is less traffic and the top national parks are usually crowd-free. From and

Taste the states: 50 iconic American desserts
Baked Alaska from … Alaska, of course. Meyer lemon cake from California. Blueberry pie from Maine. Key lime pie from Florida. Boston cream pie from … Massachusetts. Mississippi mud pie. New York cheesecake. Pot candy from Colorado … huh? From PopSugar and

Funny town names you won’t believe are real
This list is certainly not Boring (OR). In fact, some names may Surprise (AZ) you, while others may Embarrass (MN) you. It’s Okay (OK) if a town has No Name (CO), or if it is Nothing (AZ), or if they’re Uncertain (TX). Why (AZ) do we bring you this list, Sweet Lips (TN)? Whynot (NC)? From Reader’s Digest and

Inside some million-dollar motorhomes
Check out these “land yachts” — some of the priciest motorhomes on the market now. Do they make you want one? Or do they make you think, “Nah. I’m perfectly happy with what I have”? From and

Slow cooker comfort foods
These slow cooker comfort foods are the warm hug a lot of people might need right now. Try Hard Cider Bacon Mac and Cheese, Black Bean Chili With Lime and Cheddar, Crock-Pot Chicken and Dumplings, Slow Cooker Focaccia, Enchilada Soup, Pumpkin Brownies — just to name a few of these 50 deliciously comforting recipes. From and

The most iconic restaurant in every U.S. state
Dinner with a side of history, anyone? Over the years, certain restaurants have emerged as the ultimate representation of each state. Some of the restaurants on this list are rated the best in the country. Make sure to include some on your itinerary! From and

You winterized your RV but did you prepare it for storage?
When you winterize your RV, you also need to prepare it for several months of storage. RVing expert Mark J. Polk tells you what needs to be done in this very thorough list. From and Mark J. Polk.
Fabulous Florida springs
Here are some of the best springs (out of more than 700) to visit in Florida. These are beautiful and amazing. From Southern Living.
The 50 best small towns for antiquing
Here is a list of the best small town in every state to go antiquing like a professional. From House Beautiful

The one thing you must do in every state
No, we’re not going to make you do these things — but you’ll surely want to do them while you’re in the neighborhood. This is a list of must-sees and must-dos that shouldn’t be missed in each state, and which you may not find anywhere else in the U.S. From and

29 hearty fall slow-cooker recipes
These deliciously hearty recipes would be great to make in your slow cooker. How about Beef Bourguignon, Jambalaya, Garlic and Herb Cheesy Chicken Dumplings or another one of these tasty dishes awaiting your return to your RV after a day of sightseeing, or when you arrive at your campground after a long day of driving? Mmmmm! From and

Plan your next family vacation with National Park Owner’s Guides from the National Park Foundation. Filled with detailed maps, travel tips and inside information on what not to miss, the free Owner’s Guide is your one-stop resource to discover all of your more than 400 national parks. Several more “customized” guides are available, also.

Free public domain audio books for anyone to listen to — on their computers, iPods or other mobile device, or to burn onto a CD. More than 10,000 cataloged works available, and growing. Librivox is a non-commercial, non-profit and ad-free project, powered by volunteers.

Odd, strange and unexplained places in the U.S.
We’ll bet you haven’t heard of, let alone seen, all of these ten very strange places in the U.S. This would make a very unique bucket list, for sure! From USA Today and

Eight road trips to take this fall
Wondering where to go in the next month or so? Here are eight road trips scattered across the U.S. to take this fall to view Mother Nature’s spectacular display of color. From Travel + Leisure and

20 fall soups that will warm your insides
Nothing says “fall” like a warm bowl of soup. Several of these are made in the slow cooker (how handy in the RV), and many are a meal-in-a-bowl (also handy). How about Sausage-and-Tortellini Soup, Cream of Sweet Potato Apple Soup, Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada soup or Roasted Butternut Squash and Bacon Soup. Mmmm! From Country Living and

The best steakhouse in every state
In case you get a hankering for a fabulous steak while traveling and don’t feel up to fixing it yourself but aren’t familiar with the local restaurants, here is a list of the top-rated steakhouses in every state and Washington, D.C.  based on ratings, number of visits and amount of tipping. From Foursquare and

23 old American mills
Here is a photo tour of iconic, scenic mills from days gone by. Some have been turned into museums, restaurants or stores, many still work and are a glimpse into an era mostly left behind after the Industrial Revolution. Most date back to the 1700s and 1800s, but a couple are from the 1600s! Add some of these to your travel destination plans. From USA Today and

10 alternatives to full-time retirement
Here are some alternatives to a traditional retirement. These ideas would give you more time to travel in your RV while still earning an income. From U.S. News and World Report.

Where to find the best view in every state
Whether from the top of an observation tower, a tall building, a mountaintop, or even at ground level, here is where you’ll find the best view in every state. From Travel + Leisure and

Quick one-pot or one-pan dinners to warm you on a cool fall night
“Comfort food without the hassle is the name of the game with these cozy recipes.” From and

BBB Scam Tracker
As of this posting, there are more than 39,000 scams which have been reported and are being investigated by the Better Business Bureau in the U.S. and Canada. Search the results by key words, scam type, date, etc. Spot a business or offer that sounds like an illegal scheme or fraud? Tell the BBB about it so they can investigate and warn others.

The food each state is known for
Here is  roundup of some of the most well-known food from every state: cheese grits in Alabama, Cuban food in Florida, Rocky Mountain oysters in Montana, Marionberry pie in Oregon, Jello in Utah … yep, quite the variety here. Try out these favorites when you’re visiting the various states. From Spoon University.

10 facts about American landmarks your teachers never mentioned
Some interesting facts to think about as you’re visiting these landmarks. Most of them we’ve never heard of — have you? From Yahoo.

Great places to retire on $1,000 a month
Here is a list of the 25 best cities to retire comfortably, based on housing expenses, number of retirees, walkability and safety factors. From GOBankingRates and

The 50 most beautiful places in America
Here from the editors from Condé Nast Traveler are 50 of their favorite beautiful and diverse sites in America. How many have you visited? From Condé Nast Traveler and

The local’s guide to the best diners across America
This list of the best diners in each state (and D.C.) was compiled by asking residents of each state what their favorite diner was. Visit these for their classic food and nostalgic vibes. Some have been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives — so you know they have to be really good! From Spoon University and

Just a Gypsy – Gypsy Journal
On the road with long-time, full-time RVers. Jam-packed full of useful information about RVing.

27 funniest church signs ever
If you’re in need of a good chuckle. From

37 recipes with leftover bacon
(Their word, not ours.) OK, so it’s not about RVing, but RVers have to eat too, right? And here are some “depraved” (and maybe decadent) recipes with bacon — breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, snacks, desserts, drinks. Uh huh. Check ’em out. From

41 simple ways to make extra money
Want/need to make a little extra money while RVing, whether part-time or full-time? Here are some interesting ways to make some cash, most of which would work while you’re on the road. Maybe not a ton, but some days every little bit helps, right? From Cheapism

The best places to see fall foliage outside of New England
Here is yet another list of locations scattered across the U.S. where you can see the dazzling colors of fall foliage, which peak between September and October. From The Active Times and

AAA Digest of Motor Laws
The AAA Digest of Motor Laws is an online compendium of laws and rules related to driving and owning a motor vehicle in the United States and Canada, including traffic laws, vehicle titling and registration requirements, fees and taxes, driver’s licenses and traffic safety.

The 25 best fast-food chains in America
Business Insider and Restaurant Business looked at nearly 100 of the largest U.S. fast-food chains and rated them on three criteria that they considered the most telling for all-around fast-food excellence. (Guess what! You won’t find McDonald’s and Taco Bell on the list.) This is a great list to have on hand as you’re roaming around the U.S. From Business Insider and

20 places every American should see
Be sure to include some, or all, of these amazing locations in the U.S. on your travel bucket list. From Country Living and

Dozens of senior discounts, some starting at age 50
Granted, a lot of these are for hotels or motels (for those unfortunate non-RVers), but there are still a bunch of discounts for stores, restaurants, activities and more. From

25 one-pot and one-pan Italian recipes
For those nights when all you want is a comforting Italian pasta, lasagna or chicken dish — without the hassle of cleanup — try one of these delicious recipes. From and

Top 10 all-American landmarks
What a meaningful and fun bucket list this would make! Check out these locations and click on the link in each description for more information about the landmark. If you decide to visit, at the bottom of each brief description is a link to a travel guide from Fodor’s to help you plan your trip. What more could you ask for? — Except for the time to visit them all. From Fodor’s.

RV/MH Hall of Fame
Haven’t had a chance to visit the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Ind. yet? Here’s a sample of what you’ll find in their collection of 100 years’ worth of classic recreational vehicles and manufactured housing. From Car and Driver and

12 stops on the ultimate fall foliage road trip
Here are a dozen cities and parks around the U.S. with the most beautiful fall foliage, along with suggestions of when to plan your visit and other things to see and do while in the area. [This is not the same list as last week.] From and

15 grill-able dinner ideas
Too hot to cook in your RV? Try these delicious dinners made on your outdoor grill or campfire. Yum! From

50 astonishing facts you never knew about the 50 states
Oh, these are fun, interesting and sometimes funny! Did you know the tidbit listed about your home state? From Reader’s Digest.

Lightning safety, and more facts about lightning
Did you know lightning strikes the U.S. about 25 million times a year, kills an average of 49 people and severely injures hundreds more each year in the U.S.? This website will teach you how to stay safe in all kinds of situations and offer insight into the science of lightning. From National Weather Service and NOAA.

21 places to see the most spectacular fall foliage in America
Now that it’s almost leaf-peeping season, here is a list of 21 places for foliage freaks to check out the incredible colors across the country. From PopSugar and

Maximum trailer and RV lengths in California State Parks
A complete list of maximum RV and trailer lengths allowed to stay at all California state parks, beaches, recreation areas and historic parks. Click on the park name for reservation information, directions to get there, and more. From the California Department of Parks and Recreation.

Double your grilling space without spending a dime!
Here’s an ingenious (and cheap) way to add a second level to your BBQ grill — to use as a warming rack or even a slow cooker. It’s one of those “Now why didn’t I think of that?” ideas (or maybe you did — good for you!).  From Bob Vila and

40 charming American towns you’ve (probably) never heard of
Here are 40 historic and quaint towns you may not have heard of before, but they are worth adding to your bucket list of places to visit. With great restaurants, shops, local wineries, outdoor activities and lots more, check these out and maybe add some to your travel itinerary. From House Beautiful and

How all 50 states got their names
Today’s history lesson, folks, is how the states got their names. No, there’s no test afterwards — this is just fun reading and maybe you’ll learn some interesting facts about some of the places you visit in the process. From Mental Floss and “Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.” TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). More than 2,200 TED talks are available on a variety of subjects. From

America’s 25 most beautiful scenic byways
“These famous routes across the country are the ultimate road trips, thanks to some truly awe-inspiring landscapes. Sightseeing doesn’t get any easier than this.” From House Beautiful and

20 extraordinary cheeseburgers
Got your summer grillin’ goin’ on? Pop Sugar claims these cheeseburgers are “so good they might make you emotional.” Well, maybe … but they’ll at least make you — and your taste buds — glad you tried something other than the usual grilled cheeseburger. From

The best must-visit beach in every U.S. state
PureWow defines these beaches as the best “stretch of shoreline against idyllic water” in every state — even Iowa! Some you may already be familiar with, some may surprise you — but they all sound like an ideal destination on a hot summer day. From and

National Parks as seen from space
How often have you wondered what our national parks look like from space? Probably not that often. But here are some fascinating pictures from space of several of our national parks — just in case you ever wonder. From NASA, National Park Service and

RV travel tips for beginner and seasoned RV enthusiasts.
These RV travel tips will make your first — or 50th — RV trip safer and more fun. From

11 most impressive waterfalls in the U.S.
These are spectacular! Have you visited them (yet)? From USA Today.

13 American road trips that you may not know about
Here are some road trips you may have heard of before, but some maybe not. It’s an interesting variety and may include a trip or two you hadn’t thought of to include in your itinerary. From Easyvoyage and

74 things you can get for free
Free is good, right? Well, here’s a huge list of free things including food, places to go and things to do, legal advice and tax preparation, a list of websites of freebies for seniors, items for free, and lots more. Ohhh, yeah. Free is definitely good! From and

Best soda fountains in the U.S.
Remember sitting on a rotating stool at the soda fountain counter and ordering a sandwich and chips and a shake? Remember watching with anticipation as your creamy shake was being prepared — whir, whir, whir … up and down — and delivered to you in the big, silver, moisture-covered container (with a paper-wrapped straw stuck on the side) and poured into a glass, with enough left over for you to refill your glass? This list is a roundup of the 17 best soda fountains around the country which are keeping the all-American tradition alive, and will surely take you back to those good ol’ days. From Food & Wine and

30 easy slow-cooker recipes
How about lasagna, pork ragu, white chili with black beans, chicken pie soup, cowboy brisket, French onion soup, or bread (yes, bread) — ready to eat after a long day on the road or out sightseeing in your toad? If you don’t have a slow cooker, you just might want one after you see these yummy dishes! From [Editor: Here’s the slow cooker mentioned in the Quick Tips in the RV Travel Newsletter on August 27, available at Amazon.]
National Geographic. Everything you would expect from National Geographic and then some. Included is National Geographic photographer Jonathan Irish visiting every U.S. national park (in an Airstream) in the span of one year. Follow his travels as he visits 59 parks in 52 weeks.

Watch out for these tourist traps in all 50 states
This is a list of tourist traps which are iconic locations across the U.S. that, to many, have become overrun or overrated. But since the qualification as a “tourist trap” is in the eye of the beholder, we’ll just give you the heads up and let you to decide for yourself if you feel swindled after shelling out money at these spots. From and

Everything you need to know about tires
Be “TireWise,” because the only thing between you and the road are your tires. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Department of Transportation provide TireWise to help you make smart decisions to keep you and your family safe, whether you’re in the market to buy new tires or want to extend the life and safety of the ones on your car or truck. From NHTSA.

How to detect and treat spider bites
Most spider bites are harmless, but a few can do serious harm. Here’s how to recognize the black widow and brown recluse, two venomous spiders, and what to know and do in case of any spider bite. From U.S. News & World Report and

Using a small RV kitchen.
Tips on how to make the most of a small galley-type kitchen. From Taste of Home.

Web of Trust (WOT). “Web of Trust (WOT) is a free browser extension that tells you which websites you can trust.” Easy to use, and won’t slow down your browser. More than 140 million users worldwide.

Simple form to fill out to see if your tires have been involved in a recall, investigation or complaints. From the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
The worst cities in the U.S. for mosquitoes
Orkin Pest Control compiled a list of the Top Mosquito Cities based on the number of customers buying mosquito control devices from them. Mosquitoes are a nuisance and also can be dangerous because some carry and transmit diseases. They thrive in hot and humid conditions but are also found in dry environments. Some of these locations may surprise you. From The Active Times and
Tips for keeping furry friends healthy and happy on the road
You don’t have to leave your pets at home if you go RVing. Keep your furry companions happy on the road with these helpful tips for traveling with pets. From Lazydays RV.
Everyday grilling mistakesA list of grilling mistakes, the results, and the fixes. Lots of great tips and tricks here. We bet even the grill masters will learn something. From Cooking Light.
Lots more than 100,000* projects from around the world to try, in the categories of technology, workshop, living, food, play, outside and every subject you can imagine. Even contests to enter with your own creations. More than 2 million users worldwide. This is so fun to browse through, and you’ll probably find things you’ll want to try. *That number was from a couple of years ago — we’re quite sure it’s much higher now.
Hundreds of delicious-sounding campfire and RV (or anywhere) recipes, from KOA campers.

Under-the-radar RV parks in each state searched several websites and came up with this list of under-the-radar destinations in every state that may offer last-minute reservations for your summer travels. From reasonably priced to very pricey — you’ll find a full range of costs and amenities here. From and

38 grilling recipes for an epic summer cookout
Here are delicious recipes for main dishes, side dishes, desserts and more — perfect for serving to guests or taking to a get-together in the park. From and

Songs to fuel your road trip
Here’s a fun and eclectic collection of 40 songs to listen to while you’re traveling down the highway: “Born to Run,” Bruce Springsteen;  “Take it Easy,” The Eagles; “Route 66,” the Rolling Stones; “Going Up the Country,” Canned Heat; “I’ve Been Everywhere,” Johnny Cash; “On the Road Again,” Willie Nelson; “Fun, Fun, Fun,” the Beach Boys; and lots more, including some more recent songs. We’ll bet some of these will take you back. Groovy! From

The most beautiful spot in every state
This list of the most stunning place in every U.S. state will be helpful in planning your itinerary, we’re sure. Then again, it might add a few miles to your trip which you weren’t planning on — but well worth it. From

Project Gutenberg. More than 50,000 free eBooks. These books are free in the U.S. because their copyright has expired.

10 must-see underrated cities to visit this summer
Here are 10 under-the-radar locales to explore and enjoy for those who wish to avoid the tourist crowds. Examples are Pompano Beach, Fla.; Boise, Idaho; Sedona, Ariz.; and Grand Island, Neb. From U.S. News & World Report.

29 summer slow-cooker recipes
An international potpourri of delicious recipes to cook in the slow-cooker when it’s too hot to “cook for real” in your RV galley. For example: Garlic-Parmesan Chicken (very popular on Pinterest), Chicken Quesadillas with Pico De Gallo, Beef Bourguignon, Root Beer Pulled Pork, Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Tacos, Crockpot Cherry Pie. Need we say more? From and

32 secrets park rangers want you to know
Here are great tips from the experts on what to do and not do when you’re visiting a national park. From Readers’ Digest.

The 20 most beautiful forests in America.
“Escape the daily grind this summer with a trip to these lush, breathtaking landscapes.” From Country Living and

Comprehensive weather report.
For any location. Includes a seven-day forecast, weather-related news, severe weather map, weather events, and more. From Weather Underground.

TV Fool.
“Whenever I arrive at a new location I use this website to find the local TV channels using my air antenna. I just enter the zip code and then click on ‘find local channels.’ This tells me the channel numbers, how many miles away the station is located, and the direction to aim the antenna.” Many thanks to Mike Tamarkin for suggesting this great website!

42 perfect summer trips
If you’re traveling anywhere in the West this summer, check out some of these gorgeous and/or fun destinations to add to your itinerary. From

The 100 most “delish” summer salads
Mmmmm. These healthful and easy salads would go well with whatever you barbecue, or even as a complete meal. You won’t run out of ideas for a long time with all of these to choose from. From

The best barbecue festivals in America
Here’s a list of 15 BBQ festivals scattered around the country, and scattered throughout the year (so some have already occurred for this year). There are still lots to choose from — add one or more to your itinerary for this year or plan ahead for next year. Yum! From and

The top 15 reasons why Canada should be on your travel bucket list
Wildlife, mountains, sports, festivals, food — there are lots more than 15 reasons to visit Canada listed here. We’ll bet you’ll find some that’ll make you say, “Hey, let’s go to Canada this year!” From

National Park Service history electronic library.
“The NPS History Electronic Library is a portal to thousands of electronic publications and videos, covering the history of the National Park Service and the cultural and natural history of the national parks, monuments, and historic sites of the U.S. National Park System.” Not affiliated with the National Park Service.

“Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique goods.” How about using this to make money from your RV? Or to shop for some terrific and unique items — or browse through on a rainy day.

25 easy summer campfire recipes (that aren’t S’mores!)
Say what?! Oh, it’s OK. There are some different takes on S’mores here, too. Plus lots of other delicious recipes for cooking snacks or a meal over a campfire. If you don’t usually cook anywhere but your RV galley or BBQ grill, these might just tempt you to try campfire cooking. From Country Living and

America’s 15 best small-town festivals
Food, music, art, sand (yep), and more are highlighted at these annual festivals scattered around the U.S. We’re sure there are lots more amazing small-town festivals, but this list will get you started. From Fodor’s and

Nine things mosquitoes absolutely hate
Here are some simple but great ideas to protect you from pesky (and potentially dangerous) mosquitoes. From Reader’s Digest.

Find events at National Parks
If you’re planning to go to a national park and want to know what special events might be happening so you can visit then, just go to this website, plug in the state and/or park, and the date or a date range, and you’ll get a list of events to choose from. Pretty nifty! From National Park Service.

Well-stocked RV kitchen. Equipment and pantry staples for the well-stocked galley kitchen, tips and advice, and, of course, lots of recipes. From

Tips for buying a used RV. What to look for to get the best deals. From AARP.

24 tricks to survive hot summer nights (without AC)
Here are some tried-and-true DIY strategies for staying cool on hot summer nights. From

The best farmers’ markets in every state
Fresh from farm to your table — what could be more delicious as you’re traveling around the U.S.? “These markets are the cream of the local, organic crop.” From

13 secrets farmers’ markets won’t tell you
There are fantastic farmers’ markets scattered throughout the U.S. (see the list in last week’s Websites we like), and when you stop to get some delicious and incredibly fresh produce at them, keep these things in mind. From Reader’s Digest.

The 145 most “delish” things to cook on the grill
Running out of grilling ideas when it’s too hot (or too nice out) to cook in your RV galley? Here are 145 delicious ideas that will take you through the summer and beyond. From

RV Camping in Yosemite National Park.
Learn where to camp in this magnificent National Park. From National Park Service.

Digital Public Library of America.
A wealth of knowledge. Explore more than 13 million items from libraries, archives and museums — search by subject, date or place. Recommended by Time Inc.

12 wacky American festivals to celebrate Independence Day
If you’re near any of these locations this Fourth of July weekend, check out one of these quirky and fun celebrations around the country. From

Staying safe around bears
This information from the National Park Service is critical to the safety of humans and bears. It explains how to avoid bears, how to act if you encounter a bear, and what to do if a bear attacks (it’s different for a black bear or a grizzly). There are links to a video and an article of how to use bear pepper spray.

Beat 16 summer health hazards
Food borne illnesses, insect borne diseases, waterborne illnesses, poisonous plants, trampoline injuries … OK — You probably don’t have to worry about that one. But here is a comprehensive list of summertime illnesses and injuries and how prevent or avoid them.  From
Everything you always wanted to know — and lots more — about every state.

51 Uses for WD-40.
We’ll bet you haven’t thought of most of these! From Reader’s Digest.

Great summer festivals in all 50 states (and D.C.)
Here from are some of the best budget-friendly summer festivals in the country.

The Irish “take” on the 10 most breathtaking National Parks to visit in America
From Isabel Conway at Irish Examiner Ltd. comes this list of the 10 best U.S. national parks to visit, some of which she has personally explored and some of which are on her bucket list. It’s interesting to get this perspective on our national parks from someone “across the pond.”

Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itinerary Series. Help plan your next trip with these itineraries — each one is a self-guided tour, online or in person, to virtually endless historic destinations. Each itinerary highlights different geographic regions or important themes in American history. From the National Park Service. This website is “dedicated to the art of preparing easy and delicious meals in the relatively small spaces of our recreational vehicles (RV), campers, boats and travel trailers. This site is populated with recipes, hints and suggestions from wonderful campers like you.”

Outdoor Nebraska. Information about all kinds of things to do outdoors in Nebraska, including exploring their 77 state parks. From Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

The 25 most livable small cities in the U.S. in 2016
If you’re thinking of relocating in the near future but don’t have a specific destination in mind, maybe this list from Livability will help you decide. Some characteristics found among the 25 top cities include strong local economies and dynamic downtowns, as well as beautiful outdoors and numerous recreational activities. Or maybe you can visit them while traveling around the U.S. From Fiscal Times

The best 4th of July events around the country
If you like to celebrate BIG on the 4th of July, check out these huge celebrations and maybe put one on your itinerary. From Travel + Leisure and

How to keep mosquitoes and ticks away
This article from Consumer Reports instructs us on what to do with our surroundings and clothing in order to protect ourselves as much as possible from mosquitoes, ticks and stinging insects. From Consumer Reports and

The best summer food in every state
While traveling around the U.S., here are the best foods to try in each state — from Maine’s delicious corn chowder to California’s creamy avocados, and from fresh berries in Alaska to juicy oranges in Florida. Wait until you see what’s in store for you in the rest of the states! From Eat This, Not That! 

America’s Byways.
A collection of 150 distinct and diverse roads designated by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, including the National Scenic Byways and All-American Roads — “gateways to adventures where no two experiences are the same.” From the Federal Highway Administration.

National Weather Service.
Weather forecasts and warnings, past weather facts, weather safety, news and more.
A free personal travel website “for you to record your travel experiences [including photos, stories and videos] for the purpose of sharing them with family and friends.”

Beat the heat! Tricks to stay cool in the summer
Here are 10 cool, and sometimes surprising, ways to stay cool when it’s hot out. Some of these would work well when you’re boondocking. From Reader’s Digest

Where to go for a budget-friendly vacation in all 50 states
“Whether you hit up a park, take a tour, attend an event, drive a scenic byway, or explore a destination dish by dish, there are many ways to have fun this summer across the United States.” From

10 summer food myths that can make you sick
Check out these safety tips to avoid food poisoning, cut prep time and more. From Woman’s Day

The Wi-Fi-FreeSpot Directory.
The Wi-Fi-FreeSpot™ Directory is a listing of locations that offer Free Wi-Fi — high-speed wireless Internet access — to their customers and guests and/or the general public in the U.S., Canada, and around the world, including RV parks and campgrounds.

RV tips.
This Facebook group is “all about the RV lifestyle. Please post comments, tips, ask questions, answer questions, share your adventures! Let’s make this informative and fun. Invite your RV and RV-wannabe friends!”

All about Dutch ovens and lots of recipes.
From Dutch Oven Dude.

Free summer events in all 50 states (and D.C.) has rounded up some of the best free events, indoors and outdoors, in each state for summer 2016.

Guide to insect repellents
Here from Consumer Reports is their comprehensive buying guide for various insect repellents, including several that provide excellent or very good protection against mosquito and tick bites. Learn about using DEET.

How to plan a road trip
Where to go, how to get there, and everything you need or want to know along the way — it’s all here. From

Debi’s RV Cooking
This Facebook Group is designed to share among its members great-tasting yet quick and easy RV- and camping-friendly recipes. Yum!! (No commercial posts allowed and zero tolerance for spam.)
A superb website about do-it-yourself projects for RVers.
This campground directory features photos of each campsite in public and private campgrounds throughout the USA, with complete descriptions, directions, reviews and more.

6 pro secrets for planning a successful national parks trip Experts share smart tricks to make navigating national parks easier this year. From US News & World Report. 4/14/16

23 cheapest places where you’ll want to retire
Kiplinger analyzed factors critical to retirees when choosing these cities, including lifestyle, safety, taxes, health care and cost of living. These locations are not only appealing but also particularly cheap for retirement. Maybe you’ll choose one of these as your home base for your RVing adventures in your retirement years. From Kiplinger and

Everything you need to know to survive in the wilderness, desert, or wherever.
Just in case you ever wander away from your RV and get lost, or for those with a sense of adventure, this website has survival tips for just about any scenario.

Buses for sale.
The best resource on the web to connect used bus buyers and sellers. Their bus inventory includes all types of used buses such as entertainer buses, passenger buses, executive day coaches, and used motorhomes.

Ten RV camping tips that no one will tell you.
Make your RV camping trips more hassle-free. From Camping Tourist.

The DMV made simple.
A privately owned website, not connected to the government. This is the #1 online automotive guide, with more than 201 million visitors a year. Everything you need to know about your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles and about vehicles — and a lot more! BBB rated A+.

The newest national parks to visit in 2016
These are the seven national parks just established in 2015 by the National Park Service. Have you visited them yet? From The Huffington Post and

America’s best delis
Here is a list of 22 of the best iconic delicatessens in America — many of which have been going strong for decades, and one for more than 100 years! They must be doing something right! Check them out here, then when you’re in the neighborhood. From and

Senior Citizen Discounts.
The largest directory of discounts for people 50+. More than 250,000 local listings.

Lifeline No-Maintenance RV batteries.
Deep cycle batteries that require no periodical addition of water.

America’s 100 Best Adventures.
In case you run out of things to do. From National Geographic.

DIY Projects For Your Home or RV.
Lots of fun outdoor and indoor projects, repairs, energy saving checklist, etc., from Ace Fix it on the Fix-It Channel.

National Park maps
The National Park Service publishes tons of great free maps. Matt Holly, a park ranger with the NPS, has collected them all and posted them on this site, where you can download PDF and image files of any U.S. national park map. This site currently has 1,006 free high-resolution national park maps to view, save, and download. From

Camp Florida.
Tons of information about RVing and camping in Florida.

How to drive a motorhome safely.
Safety advice from Geico, including a video.

Surplus slideout supplies.
When you need a part for your RV’s slideout and don’t require “brand new.”

Tow guide and ratings.
Downloadable towing guides from Trailer Life. A valuable resource for trailer owners and would-be owners.

What vehicles can be towed four wheels down behind a motorhome.
Information from

15 must-visit National Park attractions
Here is a list of must-visit attractions at some of the nation’s most popular and off-the-beaten-path parks. If you’ve already visited these parks, this might be an opportunity to view them from a different perspective, literally. From U.S. News and World Report and

New York State Parks
Everything you need to know about visiting and camping in a New York state park.

Smokey Bear.
Information about fire safety. Also information about current wildfires.

Fix My Blinds.
If or when you have a problem with RV’s blinds, check here for ideas about how to repair them.

RV tire care and maintenance.
Advice from Goodyear.

17 National Parks that are perfect for spring trips.
Here are some National Parks that are especially awesome to visit in spring. There are also links for each from Fodor’s to help you plan your trip. From Fodor’s and

Big rig motorhomes in California.
If you drive a motorhome from 40-45 feet long in California, here are the rules about doing so.

Camping Recipes.
Many great recipes for campers from

RV Dump Station Directory.
Learn locations across the USA where your RV can go potty.

Volunteer on Federal lands.
Learn where you can help in the great outdoors on America’s public lands.

Interstate Rest Areas.
A guide to rest stops across the USA.

NADA RV Guides.
Learn the value of your RV as well as new RV prices.

How to set up an RV.
Advice for beginning RVers about how to set up an RV at a campsite. From

RV Road Laws.
Learn the laws relating to RVs in every state of the USA.

The RV Cooking Ladies.
Yummy ideas for your RV kitchen at this website from two on-the-road Canadians.

RV Driving School.
Offers instruction in driving or towing an RV in various locations across the USA.

Oregon State Parks.
Everything you need to know about camping in Oregon.

RV stoves and parts.
When you need an RV stove, or part or accessory for your current one.

Cool your RV with a portable air conditioner.
Here is a simple, do-it-yourself project.

Cooking With a Dutch Oven
Getting Started with a Dutch oven, and more outdoor information. From Sunset

Teardrops n Tiny Travel Trailers Forum.
Discuss everything to do with small trailers.

RV Fun Time Guide.
Lots of good information about RVing for beginners and veteran RVers.

How to replace the floor in an RV.
A step-by-step guide. From

30 no-bake pies you can make in 30 minutes or less
Have a sweet tooth and need a quick fix? Or unexpected company coming for dinner? These would be quick and easy to make in your RV galley. From PureWow
The 18 most beautiful places in CanadaThere is much spectacular scenery in the world’s second-largest nation, from coves to cathedrals to cliffs. Here are some to consider visiting if you’re heading north to Canada to take advantage of the current 13-year-low exchange rate. From Condé Nast Traveler

Fifth Wheel St
“Fifth Wheel St. (the “St.” is for “safe towing”) is dedicated to promoting recreational vehicle safety by providing educational materials, simplified weighing worksheets, free web-based RV safety calculator apps with weight safety reports to assist truck camper owners and all who tow fifth wheel, gooseneck and conventional towables.”
12 ways to go broke in retirement
Here are 12 ways you could go broke in retirement and how to avoid them — leaving more time and money to do all the stress-free RVing you want in your retirement years. From Kiplinger 
America’s 10 best spots for seeing wildflowers
Here are 10 recommendations to see color-saturated wildflowers in all their glory this spring — including some of what you’ll see and the best time to see them, along with some insider tips. Gorgeous! From Fodor’s

13 things you should know about staying in hotels
What?! What’s this doing in here? Well, read these tips from “hotel industry insiders” and you’ll find many reasons why staying in RVs is better than staying in hotels. But you already knew that, right? From Reader’s Digest and

How to avoid getting bitten by ticks
Protect yourself and your pets from tick bites, Lyme disease, and other tick-borne diseases with these tips on everything from preventing tick bites, to how to remove a tick, to how to spot symptoms of Lyme disease. Good information to know. From Reader’s Digest.

Strange roadside attractions from every state
The U.S. has its fair share of oddities — so if your roadtrip isn’t interesting enough, add some of these bizarre locations which would certainly be highlights of your trip! How about a gold-plated pyramid house surrounded by a moat, a hobo museum, the Witch House of Salem, Ben & Jerry’s flavor graveyard, the Airstream ranch, and 45 more one-of-a-kind man-made attractions. From Travel + Leisure and

24 gorgeous coastal national parks
“From sea to shining sea, these protected lands (national parks, seashores, lakeshores, and more) are brimming with breathtaking scenery, amazing wildlife, and activities galore.” From Coastal Living and

52 cheap and easy dinner recipes
Ever stumped on what to make for dinner, or feel like you’re in a rut when fixing the same old, same old? These recipes will inspire you to try something new. And ya’ can’t beat “cheap and easy,” right? From and

Forest Service volunteer positions
Hundreds of volunteer opportunities with the U.S. Forest Service, including campground hosts, wilderness ranger, boat launch hosts, facility maintenance, trailhead naturalist, interpreter and educator, and tons more. From

20 U.S. road trips with stunning scenery you have to see
Some say the journey is more important than the destination, and these trips are perfect for those who like to stop and take in the view. There’s something for everyone here — from excursions of thousands of miles across the U.S., to shorter jaunts through idyllic mountain valleys. From

Tips and myths about extending smartphone battery life
Here are eight useful tips to extend the battery life of your smartphone. Also interesting (and eye-opening) are seven myths which are busted about extending battery usage. From The New York Times.

12 ways to deal with the most annoying kitchen problems
Some of these would be great ideas for your “limited space” RV galley. From Cosmopolitan and

A breathtaking look at every U.S. National Park
The U.S. National Park Service manages 59 parks from coast to coast (and beyond). Here is a look at each of them — representing the best of what this country has to offer. The photos are gorgeous — one can only imagine what they’re like in person. From Fodor’s and

RV Tow Check
“RV Tow Check is the only trailer towing calculator app of its kind that supports all manufacturers’ weight safety and warranty warnings. … This is the only towing calculator app RV owners need to use that answers the most often asked question, ‘How much can my truck or SUV tow?’ RV Tow Check complies with SAE J2807 trailer weight rating (TWR) calculation guidelines.”

The 5 biggest regrets people have before they die
“Our limited days on earth are the ultimate impetus to live with less fear and more intention.” This insightful list will possibly convince you to travel more in your RV, among other things, while you are still able. From 

Why now is the time to travel to Canada
If you’ve ever thought about RVing to Canada, now is the time, according to Travel + Leisure. Find out 16 reasons why, including where to go, here. From Travel + Leisure and

The one must-eat food in every state
When you’re exploring our beautiful country, do you ever wonder what particular food a state might be famous for? Well, here ya’ go! Thrillist has compiled a list of the single food that you simply must eat in every state, along with where to find the best of that food. Some foods are the states’ most famous exports, while others are icons that you won’t see outside of their borders. Yum! From Thrillist

America’s best road trips
According to Travel + Leisure, here are the 28 best road trips in the U.S., including a can’t-miss stop along each route. These suggestions will help you plan your RV adventure this year — or they’ll make it more difficult to plan because of all the spectacular choices! From Travel + Leisure and

How all 50 state capitals got their names
When you visit a state capital do you ever wonder how it got its name? Well, even if not, here is some fun and interesting reading with the fascinating and sometimes strange history behind each state capital’s naming process. From Mental Floss and

America’s 25 best fudge shops
Got a hankering for some fudge while you’re out on the road? Head to one of these fabulous fudge shops — some of which have been turning out their famous fudge for more than 100 years! If you didn’t crave fudge before, you probably will after you look at some of these pictures and read some of the amazing flavors! Mmmmmm! From The Daily Meal
The Great American Travel Bucket List
Seventy-one — count ’em, 71! — amazing places to visit in the U.S. How many of these destinations have you been to? How many do you want to visit after looking at these gorgeous photos? The options of making your own customized bucket list from this extensive list are endless. From

13 simple home health remedies that actually work
From athlete’s foot, to a muscle cramp, and even a sore throat, the do-it-yourself option is often the easiest and most convenient, especially if you’re out boondocking in the boonies somewhere. Here are ways you can heal some of the top everyday ailments. From Rodale Wellness and

50 reasons to visit every U.S. state capital
Some state capitals are already popular tourist destinations, but many are hidden gems that are often overlooked by travelers. Here are reasons to visit every state capital in the U.S. Yet another potential bucket list. From Fodor’s and

Warm up with these 25 winter slow-cooker soups
These delicious and hearty soups (more like “stewps”) would be ideal for a dinner after being out sightseeing all day, or have the slow-cooker work its magic in your galley sink while you’re driving to your next destination. From The Daily Meal.

The 5 best American road trips
Here, according to website PureWow, are the “five most incredible, scenic and memorable road trips to put on your bucket list.” How many of these road trips have you been on? From and

20 things baby boomers can save money on in 2016
There were a lot of us RVers born between 1946 and 1964! Here are some great tips for anyone for saving money — including some we’ll bet you’ve never thought of. From and

51 restaurants where you can grab a meal for under $10
This list of inexpensive and well-reviewed restaurants in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia was compiled by after comparing reviews on several websites as well as local newspapers and magazines. These restaurants offer mouth-watering meal options for less than $10, before tax and tip. From and

20 places to see in the U.S. before you die
These classic destinations make up the “cultural fabric” of our country and all deserve a spot on your list of places to see in your lifetime. If you don’t have a bucket list yet, this could just be the one! From Fodor’s and

24 hearty sandwiches to keep you warm this winter
Here are some classics, like Bacon Grilled Cheese, the Reuben (or Rachel) and the Hot Brown, but how about trying the Lobster BLT or the Tangy Chicken sandwich? Quite a variety here, and they all look delicious! From The Daily Meal

America’s greatest hits: 50 trips in 50 states
From the editors of Condé Nast Traveler, and input from Facebook fans and Twitter followers, here are their favorite trips across America. Conde Nast calls this their “comprehensive guide to the best of the U.S.” From favorite restaurants, to scenic sites, to sporting events, to historic spots and lots more — what a fun and eclectic list! From Condé Nast Traveler and

Ketchup for metal polish? Onions to clean your grill? Banana peel to polish your silver? (OK. Maybe you don’t store your silver in your RV.) Check these tips out for cleaning items inside and outside your RV. Save money and cut down on harsh chemicals! From moneytalksnews 

America’s 35 favorite pizza chains
Are you ever on the road and have a craving for pizza but you’re not sure which pizzeria in the vicinity might be a good choice? Here are the top picks from a recent poll taken by The Daily Meal to help you decide. And, no, we’re not going to suggest this as a bucket list — but we won’t stop you if it sounds like a good idea to you. 😉 From The Daily Meal 

“Transportation trucking resources for longhaul truck drivers.” But this website is a directory of anything truck drivers, or any drivers, could ever need: road and traffic conditions by state, truck maps and routes (including restrictions), speed limit laws by state, hospital/physician search — too much to list (mind-boggling!). Check it out! From

10 best national park towns for winter fun
For winter activities and beautiful scenery, and fewer people, check out this list of national parks to enjoy throughout the winter. From The Active Times and

15 things to do to look (and feel) fit and fabulous over 50
Most of these relatively easy exercises or activities you can do in your RV or around the campsite. They’ll help make you stronger and more fit so that you can continue to enjoy the RV lifestyle for a long time. From The Active Times and
How to organize your fridge to keep food fresher, longer (and cut your energy usage)
Here are great tips on how to store food in your refrigerator and freezer to use the appliances to their most efficient potential while helping your food last longer. We’ll bet you didn’t know a lot of these “chilling” facts! From
10 tips to help your truck run well past 150K miles
Some of these tips are obvious, some maybe not so obvious, some maybe just ignored. All are important, especially for those RVers who have a truck and do a lot of driving. From Road & Track and

The most breathtaking natural wonder in every state
Here is Business Insider’s list of the most beautiful natural attractions in every state. If you don’t already have a similar bucket list for your RVing adventures, this would be a great one! Or get some ideas from here to add to your existing bucket list. From Business Insider and

Nine genius ways to finally organize pot lids
These cool ideas would work great in your RV galley, or in your sticks-and-bricks kitchen. Short video from Good Housekeeping.
12 national parks to visit now before they get way too crowded
Overall visitation to parks, sites and monuments run by the National Parks Service is on track to hit 300 million in 2015, topping last year’s all-time high of nearly 293 million. Here are the 12 national parks that saw the biggest attendance spikes in percentage terms during the first 11 months of 2015, compared with the first 11 months of 2014. Some of the most famous American parks are on the list, but also some lesser known ones that are quickly gaining in popularity. If you want to get in ahead of the crowds, consider crossing some of these off your bucket list now. From
Ten surprising tips and tricks for dealing with ice and snow
Here are some great ideas for dealing with frozen door locks, icy windows, slippery walkways and stairs, and more. Pickle juice, anyone? From Bob Vila and
14 small things you can do to be healthier in 2016
Add one or more of these simple things to your routine and be healthier and happier with very little effort. The majority of these are easy to accomplish with an RV lifestyle. From Woman’s Day and
 Historic Route 66
Since 1926, driving Route 66 has been the experience of a lifetime for travelers, adventurers, desperados and dreamers. Being the oldest Route 66 resource on the web, the Historic 66 website is dedicated to providing information for all those who want to learn more about the legendary Mother Road. Check out this website and then get your kicks on Route 66!
AAA Fuel Cost Calculator
AAA has a site to let you figure out how much it will cost to get to where you’re going. Using current gas prices, as well as highway fuel economy ratings from the EPA, the AAA Fuel Cost Calculator estimates the amount and cost of gasoline needed to complete a trip.

Mark Polks’ top seven tips for cold-weather RVing
Here are seven top tips (and then some) from Mark Polk, RV Education 101, to help protect your motorhome in the event you plan to use it during the cold winter months. These suggestions and ideas are for short-term cold-weather camping in your RV. From Mark Polk and

99 amazing facts for people who like amazing facts
This is just for fun, and some of these facts will actually amaze you. Does anyone play Trivia anymore? These facts could come in handy. From Mental Floss and
More than 70 cozy, stick-to-your-ribs slow-cooker recipes
You won’t believe the wide variety of delicious dishes in this collection: cinnamon rolls, warm cocktails, simple side dishes, braised meats, soups, main dishes and much more. Put one on to cook while you’re out hiking or sightseeing, or put the slow cooker in the sink as you’re driving down the road and have dinner ready when you reach your campsite. From PopSugar.
Top 15 most tax-friendly states for retirees
These 15 states impose the lowest taxes on retirees, according to Kiplinger’s 2015 analysis on state taxes. They also report on other things to take into consideration when choosing a state to live in after retirement. From Kiplinger and
The 14 most beautiful lakes in the U.S.
Glaciers, geysers and crystal clear water: What more could you ask for? These 14 American lakes are gorgeous — and worth a visit — anytime of year. From Conde Nast Traveler and

The ultimate guide to tech at 50+
32 gadgets and apps that make living in the digital age easier, cheaper, safer and more fun. A lot of these would be great for any age. From

RV and camper buying tips and scams to avoid
Here is some interesting info on common RV dealer scams, rebate rip-offs, and “tales from the trenches” that reveal RV salesmen tricks and some of their sales pitches to look out for. The folks that wrote these tips have been around for a long time and know what they’re talking about! From
Internet scams, identity theft, and urban legends: Are you at risk? Subscribe FREE to ScamBusters, a public service and the #1 publication on Internet fraud.

21 small towns you should visit on your next American road trip
These small towns are funky and fun, and pretty fantastic! Check ’em out and add some to your itinerary. From PopSugar and

10 uses for aluminum foil
Here are some clever uses for aluminum foil — most of which would be handy in an RV. From This Old House. 

Great places to retire in every state

In selecting a great place to retire in each state, Kiplinger weighed several factors, including financial, lifestyle, safety and access to quality health care. From Kiplinger and
Beyond Niagara: Waterfalls in all 50 states
There are thousands of waterfalls throughout the U.S., and many of them are in state or national parks, or national forests. Did you know that there’s even a beautiful waterfall in a cave 1,100 feet underground? Add some of these to your must-see list. From and
10 tips to keep your home safe while you’re away
When you get back after a much-deserved vacation, the last thing you want to discover is that your home has been broken into. Take these precautionary steps to avoid any calamity. From
The National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands Pass Series
A pass is your ticket to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites. Each pass covers entrance fees at national parks and national wildlife refuges as well as standard amenity fees at national forests and grasslands, and at lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Reclamation.
The most iconic landmark in every state
From natural wonders like Yellowstone to man-made treasures like the Space Needle, here is a list of the most iconic landmark in every state. What a great bucket list for RVers! From Business Insider.
America’s 10 best zoos
These amazing zoos are scattered across the country and include the two oldest zoos in the U.S., as well as the nation’s only tropical zoo. From Fodor’s and msn. com.
RV Daily Report
Keep up with RV industry news at this excellent website.
Holiday attractions in all 50 states
Listed here are seasonal festivals, holiday displays and outdoor activities such as parades, ice skating and tree lighting. Many of these run until after New Year’s. Most are free or low admission. See what’s happening in your state or where you’re traveling this holiday season. From and
This list of U.S. parks photographers need to visit was assembled by The Active Times with assistance from two national parks photographers.
“How to live or travel in a car, van or RV — and love it!” How-to articles and tips on everything to do with RVing, including repairs, conversions, budgeting, boondocking, and lots more. From Bob Wells, a “long-time VanDweller.”
“There’s a lot more to the southwestern state than cacti, arid climes and the Grand Canyon. For instance, did you know there’s a monsoon season? Or that it’s home to the oldest franchise in the NFL? Feast your eyes upon these 25 facts.” From Mental Floss.
This website claims to be the “most comprehensive guide to camping on public land,” covering all national, state, regional and Army Corps parks in all 50 states. You can also search, discover and book everywhere you want to camp, including ranches, farms, vineyards, and land preserves.
Rediscover the appeal of holiday shopping at one of the fun outdoor markets that pop up before Christmas. Many of these feature German-inspired treats and entertainment, as well as European-style gifts. Here are 20 of the best-known holiday markets across the nation. From and

10 best places to retire on less than $100 a day
“You can quickly and significantly reduce your retirement costs by moving to a place with a lower cost of living. In these cities, a retiree could cover the median cost of five basic expenses — housing, food, transportation, health care and utilities — with less than $100 per day, or $36,500 per year, in retirement income.” From U.S. News & World Report and

There are plenty of free or cheap attractions across the country. took an in-depth look at tourist destinations and found one site in every state that’s sure to delight travelers on a budget. From and
50 states of speeding: Laws for every state in the U.S.
As you’re RVing around the U.S. it’s important to be aware of the local driving laws in each state — which vary widely. Here is a comprehensive list of each state’s maximum highway speed, reckless driving threshold, penalties for reckless driving, and excessive speed laws and their penalties. Of course, we know you won’t be speeding or driving recklessly in your RV, but this information is good to know just in case you’re tempted. From Road & Track and
12 American National Parks you need to add to your bucket list
There are so many spectacular National Parks and so little time to see them all, so here’s a list to get you started on some of the most beautiful. if these gorgeous photos don’t inspire you to visit them, probably nothing will. From and

The ABCs of a happy retirement
Click through this slideshow to learn everything you need to know about getting on the path toward a happy retirement. From Jeff Yeager on and

Did you know that Mount Rainier is an active volcano that last erupted approximately 150 years ago? Or that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park has nearly 80 historic buildings? How about the fact that Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, with more than 365 miles of explored caves, is the world’s longest cave system. Learn 56 more fun and fascinating facts about our national parks. From
The 10 best fall weekend trips on the West Coast
From California to Canada, these are the top weekend trips on the West Coast, along with tips on what to see and do in and around these destinations. From The Active Times and
The 10 best fall weekend trips on the East Coast
When you’re ready to pack up the RV and enjoy a weekend away, check out one of these 10 incredible destinations. From Maine to Georgia, these are the top fall weekend trips on the East Coast. From The Active Times and

How all 50 states got their names
Have you ever wondered, as you’re traveling around the U.S. in your RV, where a state got its name? Well, then, here ya’ go — they’re all here, for your state identification edification (sorry). From Mental Floss and

The Florida Keys’ top 14 experiences
Don’t miss these sights and experiences if you’re planning a trip to the Florida Keys. From Fodor’s and
You winterized your RV but did you prepare it for storage?
When you winterize your RVs, you also need to prepare it for several months of storage. RVing expert Mark J. Polk tells you what needs to be done in this very thorough list. From and Mark J. Polk.
10 best secret fall foliage getaways
“From coast to coast and top to (almost) bottom, unforgettable foliage displays happen in all sorts of unlikely — and uncrowded — places. Here’s your guide to chasing falling leaves around the country, from now to Thanksgiving.” From Conde Nast Traveler and
The best and worst drivers in America
This slideshow from a report by Allstate Insurance lists the 10 least likely and the 10 most likely cities for their citizens to experience an accident relative to the national average. Also included (with a link) is the frequency of reported auto accidents among Allstate customers in the 200 largest U.S. cities. From and

Cheap or free museums in all 50 states
These are some of the best museums in the country even while being budget-friendly. The exhibits range from “refined to frankly quirky.” These are so cool! From and
The least-visited states in America, and why you should go to each
Want to avoid the crowds? Thrillist pulled data from each state’s tourism board to determine the 12 with the fewest number of annual visitors, and then polled locals as to what we’re missing out on by not spending more time there. There’s something for everyone here. From
Full-time RV living: Hints for enjoying the full-time RV lifestyle
Here are some basics about living in an RV full-time: who’s doing it; full-time and part-time RV lifestyles; where to stay and how to make those stays cheaper; types of rigs people RV full-time in; the logistics of mail, banking, laundry, etc., and working on the road. Great info! From
Eight things you didn’t know you could grill
Try these interesting grillable (is that a word?) side dishes and more, and keep the heat out of your galley. From
The 20 most bizarre traffic laws in America
Be sure to keep these laws in mind as you’re driving around our awesome country — or just look at this list sometime when you need a good chuckle! From Thrillist
10 creepy ghost towns across America
Some of these ghost towns’ histories are more significant than others, some are associated with colorful folk tales and ghost stories, but all are fascinating and are either free to explore or have a minimal charge. Great places to visit on your RV travels. From and
Ten things to leave behind when you go RVing
This list is particularly useful to new RVers, but even the seasoned RVers may find items they haven’t yet considered leaving behind to help reduce the weight they’re hauling. From
Great recipes for camping and RVing
Browse through hundreds of delicious recipes sorted by category including main ingredient, meal and course, holidays, special diets, type of cooking and much more. From
The transition to RV full-timing – factors to consider
The transition from brick-and-mortar living to full-timing in a recreational vehicle entails a lot of lifestyle changes. This insightful article covers many things to consider before, during and even after full-time RVing. From Art of Fulltime RV Living aka
10 historical graveyard tours across America
Visit these beautiful and architecturally interesting graveyards where famous Americans are buried. Learn about the the graveyards and their inhabitants on guided tours, some after dark, or on self-guided tours. From and
Recreational vehicle camping tips and ideas
Here are some great tips for RV camping from
Park versus refuge: What’s the difference?
There are a lot of national and state wilderness designations. We’ll bet you’ve never heard of a lot of these (we hadn’t!). Here’s how to tell them apart. From Mother Nature Network.
Rent an RV or rent yours out
Easily rent RVs from owners, anywhere. Find the perfect RV for your next adventure. Or rent out your RV and make some money when you’re not using it. “Like Airbnb for road trippers.” From Outdoorsy.
10 best National Parks to visit in fall
“In autumn, national parks from coast to coast explode in a stunning spectacle of fall color that amplifies the beauty of their landscapes. Bustling wildlife, cooler weather and fewer crowds are also a bonus. Here, we look at 10 incredible national parks you must see in fall.” From The Weather Channel.
50 tips for better RVing
Here are some commonsense tips that you may already know about RVing, but we’ll bet there are some great ideas here that’ll make you wonder, “Now, why didn’t I think of that?” From
Simple ways to improve fuel economy
RVing expert Mark J. Polk, owner of RV Education 101, explains many different ways to improve on RV fuel economy. From
From natural phenomena to man-made marvels, what a fantastic RV travel bucket list this would make! From and
Tips and tricks to make RVing easier
Tips and tricks that the folks at Roads Less Traveled have come across or come up with over the years — “jewels for how to RV.” From
Cold weather camping
Here are lots of excellent, must-read tips from Joe and Vicki Kieva, seasoned RVers, on how to prepare for and camp in cold weather. From
The best seafood festivals in America
From Georgia to Washington to Massachusetts and more, if you’re in one of these areas it might be worth it to head on over to one of these locations and enjoy a local tradition along with some of the best food the sea has to offer. From and
Ten things you might not know about the U.S. interstate system
Inspired by the network of high-speed roads he saw in Germany during World War II, Dwight D. Eisenhower championed the passing of the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956. The U.S. interstate system now boasts 46,876 miles and runs through all 50 states. Prepare for your next cross-country road trip with these interesting facts. From and
The 50 most beautiful places in America
Thrillist polled residents and tourism boards from each state to determine what that one must-hit spot is. And here’s what they told them — the 50 most beautiful places in America. From
Ten reasons to visit New Mexico
World-class museums, gourmet restaurants, tours based on the TV series “Breaking Bad,” ghost towns, Route 66, guided tours of Pueblo communities, gorgeous scenery — so much to see and do in New Mexico! From Lonely Planet
The states where you’re most likely to hit a deer
Here are the 20 states where you’re most likely to hit a deer, as well as information on how car insurance rates are affected by an accident. Interesting. From The Huffington Post
20 slow-cooker side dishes you never knew existed (maybe)
Just in time for cooler weather, here are 20 delicious, comfort-food side dishes to prepare in your slow cooker. Yum! From
Ten American ghost towns you can visit
Towns populated with actual people are so overrated. Why fight the crowds when you can stroll through eerie ruins and have the place all to yourself — except for maybe a few spirits? Here are 10 you can (safely) visit, as long as you don’t mind a few spooks. From
101 things to do in Montana
Museums, parks, hikes, golf, concerts, festivals, and on and on. From
50 small towns across America with the most beautiful fall foliage
Scattered all over the U.S., here are 50 cute, little towns in which to enjoy fun experiences and even interesting history while viewing the brilliant colors of fall. From and
The best steakhouses in all 50 states
Traveling through town and looking for a good steak dinner that you don’t have to cook for a change? Check out this list of popular steakhouses around the country. From and
Four ultimate National Park road trips
From the Pacific Coast Highway to the beautiful East Coast, from how the West was preserved to the culture of the South — here are four amazing National Park road trips to help you get out and Find Your Park. From

Five fun, accessible national park finds
From Candy B. Harrington, expert on “travel information for slow walkers to wheelchair users,” comes this list of some of her favorite accessible sites in America’s national parks. Here is a link to her numerous books on Amazon.
The 101 best burgers in America
After going to great lengths (read how in the first slide), The Daily Meal has assembled this mouthwatering list of America’s 101 best burgers from restaurants around the country (excluding large chains). Lots of possibilities for you to try out while you’re on the road. From
National Parks with the best beaches
Most people don’t realize that many of our favorite national parks are home to pristine beaches. Here are ten wild and breathtaking beaches located within our national parks from Maine to California, and Washington to Florida. From and
Ten best fall foliage trips in the U.S.
All over the U.S., here are the best places to find breathtaking fall colors. Better start planning — it’s almost time! From and
Photo guide to the incredible wildlife of Yellowstone National Park
Here are gorgeous pictures of the wildlife found in Yellowstone, where and when to find it, their populations, and other information about the wildlife. From

The best lakes in all 50 states
Here are Cheapism’s top lakes in each state, which lure vacationers for sunbathing, camping, water sports and fishing. From and

Big Rig Resorts
This website is dedicated to the owners of those big rigs who seem to continually have a problem finding a place to park them. This online RV park directory will help you solve the problem as well as advise as to which resorts and campgrounds are Wi-Fi friendly.
RV parking at Walmart
Here is a comprehensive guide to RV parking/camping at Walmart, including the “unofficial rules” for spending the night in an RV in a Walmart parking lot, and a list of those Walmarts where overnight RV parking is not allowed.  From Roundabout Publications.

The most beautiful lighthouses in America
Here are 30 beautiful lighthouses to explore from coast-to-coast, as well as Alaska and Hawaii. What a great bucket list!  From and

Roadside Architecture
This website has more than 2,400 pages and 60,000 photos. You’ll find buildings, signs and statues from all over the country. The focus is mainly on stuff from the 1920s-1970s. Most of the sections are organized by state, and other sections are organized by theme. And you won’t see any ads on these pages! From
These foods can help you stay alert on long drives
Here are nine healthy foods to snack on which will help you stay alert while driving — and the reasons why they work. From and
25 insider tips for navigating farmers markets
There are more than 8,000 farmers markets in the U.S. Why not take advantage of them when you’re traveling? Use this guide to learn the tricks to getting the most out of shopping at farmers markets for super fresh fruits and vegetables and the seemingly endless variety. From
Too hot to cook? Conserving power when you’re boondocking? These delicious and nutritious recipes would be perfect! Yum! From and
The best ice cream shop in every state
Could this be a “scoop” list instead of a bucket list? From Foursquare, Business Insider and

The 10 best mountain towns for summer
What can beat fresh mountain air and the great outdoors when you’re looking for a warm (or hot) weather getaway? Local activities and points of interest are included for these must-visit areas around the U.S. and Canada. From

40+ life-changing books to read
Emily-Co, from Pop Sugar, has compiled this list of books that will “better your life in a dramatic way.” She says, ” … reading just one of these books this year is guaranteed to change your life for good.” There’s something for everyone here. From and

The 50 best tips to get your home (or RV) super organized
Some of these ideas are so simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of them. A majority of these tips would be usable in an RV — we bet you’ll find more than one to try. From and
20 places all Americans should see before they die.
If you don’t have a bucket list yet, here’s a really good one! And if you already have a list, you’ll probably want to add some of these spectacular locations to it. From and
Ten insider tips for visiting U.S. national parks 
Whether you’ve been there before or are going for the first time, keep these insider tips in mind to ensure you get the most out of your national park road trip. From and
Ten unusual tips for your cleanest kitchen ever!
These easy and sometimes surprising cleaning tips would work great in your RV galley. From and
The nine items most likely to attract a bear to your campsite.
Food — sure. Garbage — of course. But there are several items on this list that we bet will surprise you. Information from the National Park Service and other experts. From and
42 restaurants that offer birthday freebies.
From Applebee’s to Weinerschnitzel, and 40 more chain restaurants across the country where you can get a free drink, dessert or even a meal on your birthday! If you plan ahead, you could hit a few on your birthday while you’re out on the road. Just sayin’. From and
America’s greatest hits: 50 trips in 50 states
Something special to aim for and enjoy in each state. From Condé Nast Traveler and
What is a supplemental braking system and why do you need it?
Find out all about braking systems on towed vehicles and why you need one (one reason being that it’s the law in most states for toads over a certain weight). Very thorough information. From
Nine travel trailers every road trip enthusiast needs to know about.
“Can’t distinguish a Shasta from a Cricket? Use this handy guide to some of the most fun new models on the market.” Cute! (Click on the name under each picture and the link at the bottom of each description for more information.) From
Bring back memories: Cheap souvenirs from all 50 states.
Small, lightweight and inexpensive representative keepsakes from each of the 50 states. These are fun! From and
The 50 most beautiful small towns in America.
Here is a list of the “cutest village in every state.” How many have you visited? From and
37 easy and delicious grilling side dishes.
Try these for a change of pace when you’re barbecuing at the campsite or out boondocking. Look for some of the ingredients at the farm produce stands you pass along the way. Yum! (Click on View Gallery, then click on the recipe name below the photo for the recipe.) From
Troubleshooting RV air conditioner problems.
Find dozens of questions and answers about problems with RV air conditioners. Can’t find the answer you need? Then ask.
RV parks for handicapped RVers.
Here’s a list of RV parks in a dozen states that go out of their way to accommodate physically challenged RVers. From

20 of the most charming beach towns across America.
Compiled by Country Living from nominations from their Facebook fans, here are some of their favorites featuring colorful homes, sandy beaches and clear skies from locations at known tourist destinations to smaller seaside gems. From

(More than) Nine things you didn’t know Coca-Cola can do.
Coke can be used for pest control, cleaning RV/car batteries, removing rust from metal, as a presoak treatment for grease on clothing, and much more. From
23 regional seafood recipes.
Try these delicious seafood recipes as you travel around the country — get the main ingredients fresh from the local markets. Yum! From
11 must-visit RV-friendly campgrounds across America.
Country Living asked for a list of their favorite RV-friendly campgrounds and RV resorts in three categories: rustic, family-friendly, and luxe. From and
11 iced coffee hacks that will only make your addiction worse.
If you’re a coffee lover, what’s better on a hot summer day than iced coffee?! Treat yourself and your guests to these delicious recipes — be the envy of your campsite neighbors! From
The ten most essential American road trips.
California State Route 1, Route 66, Going-to-the-Sun Road, Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail, and six more. How many of these have you traveled? Add these to your bucket list! From and
RV factory tours:
Eighty percent of all American RVs are built in Elkhart County, Indiana. Many factories offer factory tours. Learn where they are here. From

How to remove a tick from your body, the easy, proper way.
Video. It’s a good idea to learn this tick removal trick before you may need it. From

10 brilliant uses for beer.
Quickly clean and season cast iron, restore shine to gold jewelry, get rid of skunk stink on Fido, keep wasps from spoiling outdoor fun, and more uses for beer. (As if you needed an excuse to buy beer!) The reasons these work are explained, in case you’re skeptical. From and

Delicious recipes for main dishes, sides, desserts, drinks, and more. From
Travel Utah and beyond by mouse in this stunning 3D photography by Martin Van Hemert. Also check out the collection of interiors brought to life “in the round,” mountains and forests, sky and water, national parks, and more. Fasten your seatbelts and take your Dramamine! Absolutely amazing! From
Here are several “suggested alternatives to vacations in national parks. Each gives you a place for an affordable family vacation without the crowds and commercialization — you can explore the area on your own terms and even Spot is welcomed.” From and
Well, we can dream. Right? From Yahoo Travel.
There’s only one thing better than getting a good price on something, and that’s getting it for free. Kiplinger’s only allows “quality goods and services that you would happily pay good money for” on their list. “From free food to free investing and financial services to free technology and entertainment, there’s something here for everyone.” From Kiplinger’
These homes of famous authors are “scattered throughout the United States. Spanning centuries and genres, these seven homes celebrate some of America’s most treasured wordsmiths.” Fascinating! From

NADA Guides RV pricing.

Find prices and values for all recreational vehicle (RV) types, and now also available on their mobile site.

A lot of these tips would come in handy in the RV. From and
Eat This, Not That! flipped through scientific journals to find the foods with the most impressive health benefits and then considered versatility and taste of each contender to make their final cuts.” These will easily fit into your RV pantry. From
Here are the number of campers at the top ten national parks in 2014, according to the National Park Service. From

Check out the weather forecast for where you’re traveling and make your plans accordingly. It even tells you how many minutes until it starts raining at your location, or any other location — just put in the location and click on the MinuteCast tab. Get severe weather information and lots more. Also available as an app (look towards the bottom of the page).

Here from veteran RVer and professional writer (not to mention frequent contributor to Julianne G. Crane is her terrific blog/website where she writes about “recreation vehicle and camping lifestyles, people, and destinations.” Be sure to check this out — tons of great stuff!
The ingredients for these delicious treats won’t take up much room in your RV kitchen — and will disappear quickly once you prepare these refreshing snacks! Yum! From PopSugar
Yep — Just what it says. From The Telegraph in the U.K.
Read this if you’re planning a trip to Wine Country this year. From and Country Living.
Full-time RVers Mark and Emily bring you their excellent blog “… to inspire you to get out and go, to lift your spirits with a fun travel tale or two from the road, and to share some tips for how to live this way.” Being published authors and photographers in various magazines, as well as having their story profiled in magazines, you can expect superior content in this beautiful blog — and you won’t be disappointed!
Make sure you’re ready for grilling season with these tools. From and Find all the BBQ tools you need at And be careful if you choose a wire brush for grill cleaning!
15 survival myths that could actually kill you
Have you been watching too many reality survival shows and think you can handle any type of emergency — like if you get lost in the woods on a hike, or your RV breaks down in the middle of the desert, or you get bit by a snake, or some other emergency? Well, here some myths are refuted and the facts are explained to help you survive in an emergency. From and
Six iconic American road trips to take this summer
With gas prices more than a full dollar lower than this time last year … there’s no better time to take a classic American road trip. Here are Condé Nast Traveler’s six favorite road trip itineraries, including where to stop, where to stay, and what you’ll see along the way. From and Condé Nast Traveler.

Camping and caravanning in Canada: Start your engines!
Time to take your RV out of its winter storage and head for new adventures. Canada’s network of national parks offers must-see destinations for road and outdoors enthusiasts. Parks Canada has highlighted some of their best RV destinations.

Late night on the road and don’t feel like cooking? Stop in at one of these dependable restaurants where you know you can sit down and enjoy a decent meal at any hour of the day or night. From and

If you’re tired of reaching for cleaning products with ingredients you can’t even pronounce, then head to your local grocery store for a few basic components and make your own. These eco-friendly concoctions are easy to make and will leave your RV (or house) sparkling. From and
A blog from Kevin and Sheryl, full-timers and accomplished photographers with great information for RVers on places to visit as well as tips and tricks they’ve learned along the way. Includes lots of beautiful and interesting photos.
The folks at put on their foodie thinking caps and chose one ingredient or dish to represent each of the 50 states. These mouth-watering pictures will make you want to try the recipes or order the items (online or in a restaurant, depending on the item) when you don’t want to cook. Yum! From and
13 tips to “green” your RV galley. How to outfit your RV galley to minimize disposables and reduce weight so you travel lean and green. From Janet Groene (regular contributor to and

18 of the most charming towns across America.
“Small town America is alive and well.” Check these out and see for yourself — then plan to visit some of them. From and Woman’s Day.

Interesting. How many do you know? From and Purple Clover.
Appetizers, main dishes, desserts and snacks from three ingredients you may already have on hand — delicious and fun — perfect for your RV! From Gourmandize.
From, here is a list of the most spectacular natural wonders in each state. What a great bucket list!

What is the value of my RV?

Whether you are trying to buy or sell an RV, you probably want to know its value, and here is a guide to help you determine it. Also included is an explanation of what NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) is, as well as links to NADA’s RV Pricing Guide and other information. From Kirkland RV Sales.

What fun! And how simple! Also drop biscuits, pancakes, fresh ricotta, peanut butter banana “ice cream” and more — all with just two ingredients! From and
This website takes you from assessing your RV needs, to buying your RV, to green RVing, to ways to RV and more. Lots of information especially for the beginning RVer. From Nomadik Outdoor Life Guide.
The nine best rest stops for food in America.
“The thing with rest stops is that you usually want to stay there for as little time as possible. However, there are a few rest stops that stand out for a combination of their dining options, quirky sights (such as a reptile lagoon), and promise of a really good time.” Check these out here, then try them out in your travels. From and The Daily Meal.

America’s best National Park road trips.
“Nothing gets us more excited for summer than the prospect of an epic road trip. Luckily, this is an easy reality in the U.S., thanks to an abundance of amazing national parks.” If you haven’t visited these locations in person, maybe you should put one or more of them on your must-see list. From Condé Nast Traveler.

23 ways to spring clean with everyday household items.
How to spring clean your RV or house on the cheap by using what’s in the cupboard. From and
The best farmers’ markets in the U.S.
Farmers’ markets and produce stands around the U.S. “worth traveling for.” So, when you’re traveling in your RV, why not stop by and get some delicious and very fresh produce. From and Condé Nast Traveler.
The best cities for food in the U.S.
The Daily Meal has compiled this list of the 10 best American cities for food. Links to popular recipes are included, e.g., Creole recipes from New Orleans, deep dish pizza recipes from Chicago, and barbecue recipes from Austin. Put these cities on your to-visit list. From

25 things you’ll never experience again.
How many of these can you identify with? From and Purple Clover.

America’s best spring flower festivals.
Nine locations around the U.S. to see dazzling displays of spring flowers. also recommends the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Mt. Vernon, Wash., which attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year to view millions of vibrant tulips, and runs from April 1 to 30. From and Fodor’s (and
Find your park
… and share your park (share your stories about your park and maybe win a prize) … and support your park (volunteer, donate, join). From National Park Service and National Park Foundation — encouraging people to connect with and celebrate our national parks and public lands.
In all their glory: Spring in America’s National Parks.
Fifteen absolutely gorgeous, frame-worthy photos from our National Parks. Of course, they’d be even more beautiful in person! From ABC News.
America’s 50 best fried chicken spots.
If you like fried chicken (and who doesn’t?), try out these top-rated fried chicken joints scattered around the U.S. From and The Daily Meal.
The 10 best states for retirement.
Bankrate ranked all 50 states according to a variety of factors that are important to seniors. These states offer plenty of perks for the 65-and-older set, including low costs of living, strong health care systems, low crime and tax rates, comfortable temperatures, low humidity and lots of sun. (Editor’s note: The readers’ comments at the bottom of the article are also quite interesting and informative.) From
The 10 worst states for retirement.
Bankrate ranked all 50 states according to a variety of factors that are important to seniors. The states with the lowest scores include a few with high costs of living and high tax rates. Others scored poorly for health care quality, and most of the states are known for bad weather. Learn about the ten states which scored the lowest. (Editor’s note: The readers’ comments at the bottom of the article are also quite interesting and informative.) From

50 states of speeding: Laws for every state in the U.S.
What you need to know about speeding laws across America. From and Road & Track.

Eight amazing American caves.
These caves, scattered across the U.S., are fascinating to explore. From
Wind Map.
This is a “living portrait” of the wind across the U.S. This “living” map shows near-term forecasts as accurately as possible, revised once per hour from wind data from the National Digital Forecast Database. The wind map is from Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg, who lead Google’s “Big Picture” visualization research group in Cambridge, Mass. From HINT.FM. Many thanks to reader Drew, who reports he uses this website when driving his RV in windy areas and that “It works better and much faster than trying DMV sites.”

Florida’s seven best beaches.
From Florida’s best beach for pets, to best for beachcombing for beautiful shells, to best for celebrity watching, and more. From and Fodor’s.

Top cheap restaurants in every state.
After extensive research, tells you the best restaurant to get a good, cheap meal in every state. Some of their picks are old standbys, while others are up-and-comers. From and

Ready for that first camping trip?
Before you pile the family (or just yourself) into your RV and hit the road, take a look at this checklist. From KOA.

Nine great National Parks to visit off-season.
This site lists the parks and their top off-season activities, as well as trip-planning information. From and Fodor’s.

The best restaurant in every state.
Very special restaurants for very special occasions, as you’re traveling around the U.S.  From and Business Insider.
Ten RV vacations you need to take right now
— at least according to These are the ten most-searched RV vacation spots on Yahoo. Time to start planning your trips! From Yahoo!Travel.
America’s weird and amazing rock formations.
Rock formations that are interesting to read about and spectacular to visit in person. From
is “an online community of campers and RVers. Find helpful RV campground reviews to plan your next camping trip, tell others about your experiences from places you’ve been, and share photos and memories with others from your latest RV trip.”
Eight outlaw adventures around the U.S.
Here are some of the best locations to relive the most well-known rogues of yesteryear. From

A state-by-state guide to the 50 coolest things in America.
Yahoo brings you one cool thing in each of the 50 states, designed to make you want to explore our “cool” country. From

Ten best antiquing towns in the U.S.
This list includes antique stores in each town, “insider tips” and information to help plan your trip. From and Fodor’s.
Cheapest places where you will want to retire.
Here is a list of cities across the U.S. with the cheapest living costs specifically for retirees, while keeping safety, livability and economic stability in mind. From and

Campground setup checklist for travel trailers and motorhomes.
This checklist provides a basic system of what to do when you arrive at your campsite. From Joe and Vicki Kieva and KOA.

Ten great National Parks to visit this spring.
Spring is almost here (honest!). Time to start planning your trips. From and

Ten things to leave behind when RVing.
Here is “a list of some of the most common onboard RV albatrosses that travelers should cut loose from their packing list.” From Brent Peterson and KOA.

is a comprehensive review and camping information site specifically for those who love to camp. So far, more than 200,000 reviews, both positive and negative, have been submitted by real campers. Recommended by RVer (and RV tire expert) Roger Marble.

16 best restaurant chain breakfasts in America.
Is your favorite restaurant for breakfast listed here? (Aside from your own galley, of course!) From
U.S. National Forest campground volunteer host positions.
Here are host positions available at U.S. National Forest campgrounds. From Fred and Suzi Dow’s U.S. National Forest Campground Guide Website.
10 spectacular U.S. waterfalls.
Don’t miss these beautiful waterfalls in your RV journeys. From
No matter where you’re going, can help you find a pet-friendly campground for the trip. You can get the scoop on campground pet policies, read reviews of other campers with pets, and even speak with the campground host directly. Also lists dog friendly attractions and pet services. Thousands of listings.
RV Parky
is an RV park directory built by a full-time RVer with the help of the RV community to help fellow RVers on the road. Here you can find information, images and reviews for more than 25,000 RV parks and campgrounds in the U.S. and Canada. Also available as an app.
Ten quirky American festivals you must visit!
“A collection of crazy festivals that celebrate the more interesting corners of the American psyche!” Includes the Roadkill Cook-off in West Virginia, Frozen Dead Guy Days in Colorado, and Tarantula Awareness Festival in California. Mark your calendars! From and
Bears in National Parks.
Types of bears in National Parks, what to do if you encounter a bear, what about bear-deterrent spray, even an interesting section on cultural connections to bears. From National Park Service.
America’s 25 best chain sandwich shops.
When you’re on the road and don’t want to fix a meal, just stop by one of these popular sandwich shops for a quick and delicious meal-in-a-sandwich. From and
32 surreal travel spots you won’t believe exist in America.
These are so cool! Add some (or all) to your bucket list! From
Clever ways to store spices in your kitchen.
Lots of ideas for storing your spices, as well as several links to more tips regarding spices and herbs including how to use them. From The Fun Times Guide.
“Your guide to everything RV.” Buying and selling RVs, RV lifestyle information, recipes, destinations, RVing forums with thousands of posts, and lots more.
A pop-up camper to pull behind your bicycle.
This is about as small and mobile as a “home” gets. From
The essentials for traveling in Alaska bear country.
This guide is aimed at bear safety in Alaska, but it applies to dealing with bears everywhere. From Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

The best diners in every state.
These will make you hungry — and want to visit these diners! From

Just about the cutest, tiny house “cabin RV.
” Beautiful workmanship. From
Extravagant RV interiors.
Check out these gorgeous RV interiors and maybe get some ideas for your own RV. From Pinterest.
Best U.S. movie locations to visit.
If you like movies, these would be lots of fun to visit. From
Just like a dream: 12 surreal places you won’t believe actually exist.
Beautiful photos of truly unbelievable locations around the world. From MSN and The Active Times.

Ten ways to explore the Southwest.
New Mexico and Arizona possess 12 and 18 national monuments, respectively. Visit these locations and you will understand how and why landscape remains sacred in the American Southwest. From

Michelin North America RV Tires.
Just-relaunched website with a new RV tire selector, how to get more out of your tires and a dealer locator.

20 of the most beautiful places in Canada.
From, a gallery of some of Canada’s most beautiful and diverse places.
AARP tools — the complete collection.
Tools (calculators, comparisons, locators, etc.) for health, money, work and retirement, travel, home and family, and more. From

10 surprising historical artifacts in the U.S.
… and how’d they get here? A German submarine in Chicago, Hitler’s phone in Georgia, a Danish windmill in Iowa, a statue of Vladimir Lenin in Seattle. These and more for you to visit in your RV travels.

Macro photographs of snowflakes:
Amazing! From

The Historical Marker Database.
“This website is an illustrated searchable online catalog of historical information viewed through the filter of roadside and other permanent outdoor markers, monuments, and plaques. It contains photographs, inscription transcriptions, marker locations, maps, additional information and commentary, and links to more information. Anyone can add new markers to the database and update existing marker pages with new photographs, links, information and commentary.”
The ten most dangerous driving habits.
In addition to drinking and driving, or texting behind the wheel, there are a few other habits that significantly boost the likelihood of an accident. Here are the top 10 most dangerous driving habits with a few statistics to back up the claims. From
Walmart stores that do not allow overnight RV parking.
More than 700 Walmart stores nationwide do not allow RVers to park overnight. Be forewarned with this list from Roundabout Publications.
Why you should visit U.S. National Parks in winter.
Here are eight compelling (and beautiful) reasons to visit U.S. National Parks during the off-season. From Condé Nast Traveler.
Norcold Refrigerator Recall:
If you have a Norcold fridge, check here to see if it’s been recalled. Very serious fire hazard exists in many models. (This is a previous recall but some of these fridges are still being used and causing fires.)
Rent an RV or rent out your RV at
The world’s largest RV rental marketplace.
10 free and inexpensive attractions in America.
The National Mall and Washington, D.C. memorials, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Alamo, and more great ideas from
Video tours of mega-motorhomes.
Tour 15 mega-motorhomes of celebrities. Wow! From HGTV.
Funny signs from around the world.
For when you need a good chuckle. From
Ten best National Parks in the fall.
America’s national parks offer stunning autumn scenery from coast to coast. From USA Today.

Special deals on RV rentals from Cruise America.
Locations all over the U.S., including one-way rentals.

Directory of RV snowbird destinations from the Good Sam Club.
A collection of Snowbird-friendly RV resorts along America’s Sunbelt.
Best potato recipes.
Thousands of potato recipes from around the world, many of which are quick and easy for preparation in an RV. (We all love potatoes in some form or another, right?) Submit your favorite recipes to this huge collection.
Transfer cars and RVs across the U.S.
From Transfercar, a vehicle relocation service designed to allow you to drive a free car or RV and to save rental companies money. Companies using Transfercar include Budget, Advantage, El Monte RV and Road Bear RV Rentals.
Travel on the edge: U.S. tourism extremes.
Extremely: hot, cold, dark, stormy, old, etc. These interesting travel destinations are from
The ten best places to retire on Social Security alone.
From MSN Money and U.S. News & World Report.
America’s best small towns.
Detour-worthy towns with populations under 30,000 all over the country that have strong cultural offerings or great outdoor adventures. From
Get Bear Smart.
If you spend time in areas where bears live, visit this website — for your sake and the bears.

RV History Programs.
Educational seminars and attractive vintage RV displays. From Al Hesselbart, the country’s leading storyteller on RV history subjects.

Destination guides.
Search by location, activities and environment. From
Slow cooker recipes for every meal.
From breakfast to dessert after dinner and everything in between. Great for cooking in your RV. From
Eight places for fantastic fossil finds.
These spots are scattered around the U.S., and some of them allow visitors to keep the fossils they find. From
Full-time RVing workspaces.
In this series, the Technomads share the workspaces and offices of fellow full-time RVing peers to help give you ideas for your own.’s travel photo of the day.
New photos, beautiful and/or intriguing, from around the world every day. Why not submit your own best travel photos?

13 of America’s most photogenic places.
Maybe one or more of these will inspire you when you’re planning your next trip. From
Families on the
A directory of resources for families who are on the road fulltime, on extended road trips or are just dreaming about it.
It’s leaf-peeping time in the U.S.
From New Mexico to New York, here are nine ways you can putt, putter and paddle your way through spectacular autumn scenery. From
Legends of America.
A huge and excellent website (since 2003) exploring the history, destinations, people and legends of America, including ghost towns (and ghost stories), the Old West, Route 66 and treasure hunting, along with lots of RVing tips and tricks, and much more.
Razzle Dazzle Recipes.
Hundreds of recipes including for camping, grilling, holidays, ethnic, seasonal, cooking for a crowd, and much more.
America’s 20 best national parks.
As reported by Telegraph Media Group in the United Kingdom. Compare your favorite parks to this list from “across the pond.”
99 great ways to save money.
AARP’s fifth annual list of fun and creative ways to save money.
Top RV parks for golfers for 2014.
From Good Sam RV Travel Guide.
20 best places to visit in the USA.
Vacation destinations whose rankings are based on a formula combining online reader votes with the opinion of reputable travel writers. From
RV storage tips.
Top 13 tips to store your RV and save potential repair costs — from Extra Storage Space and El Monte RV.
Frequently asked questions about renting an RV. From Camping World.
How much does a motorhome RV cost?
Costs for buying or renting different types of motorhomes, operating expenses, how to shop for an RV, and more. From
America’s best small town museums.
Amazing museums in unexpected locations scattered across the U.S. From Travel+Leisure on
Four secrets of successful RV cooking.
Four secrets, but also lots of tips and recipes for cooking in even a small RV kitchen. From Amanda Watson on
Alaska campgrounds and RV parks.
Official State of Alaska vacation and travel information website.
50 places straight out of nightmares.
Photos of 50 locations around the world that are eerie or haunting or just plain fascinating in a weird sort of way. From The Weather Channel.
The benefits of buying a used RV,
What to keep in mind while looking for an RV. From Kirkland RV Sales.

Fun RV hobbies.
Dozens of creative ways to spend your time. From Fun Times
helps a million campers each year find their perfect park on their adventure. This is also a resource for ideas, tips and information campers can use while planning their trip or on the road. From the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds.
Outside Our Bubble.
Lots of great RVing tips and tricks; honest location, restaurant and equipment reviews; tech tips from an expert; product recommendations (or not); even a live web cam! Voted a Top 50 RV travel blog.

RV Lifestyle.
A website with RV maintenance tips, RV cooking, destinations (including kid-friendly), and lots more. From Lance Campers, but with great information for all RVers.

Winnebago towables.
Everything you need to know about Winnebago towables and the Winnebago lifestyle.
Just a Gypsy – Gypsy Journal.
On the road with long-time, full-time RVers. Jam-packed full of useful information about RVing.
Mobile RVing.
Find “the best” RV resorts, campgrounds, parks and marinas in the U.S. and Canada.

Changin’ Gears.
Information on getting started with RVs, RV terms, driver’s license requirements, keeping in touch, tow vehicle information and much more.

Go RV Texas.
The essential online resource center for traveling Texas by RV, car, van or truck.
RV Vagabond.
Information on what steps to take to full-time RV plus much more.

Contains tons of “resources, ideas and information on forging a thrivable mobile income source.” From Technomadia (authorities on the subject!).
You’ll find all sorts of volunteer opportunities around the USA. Many RVers like to volunteer. How about you?

RVing Accessibility Group.
“Enhancing the awarness of recreational accessibility.” Click on the Facilities tab for accessible campgrounds in several states.

A “giant collection of the best pages on the Internet.”
Photos of each campsite in more than 1,000 public and private campgrounds throughout the USA, as well as campground descriptions, amenities, directions, maps, reviews and more.

“The ultimate RVing resource guide.” Lots of useful information about RVs and the RVing lifestyle.

How to find true north without a compass.
Whether you’re lost in the woods or you’re trying to install a sundial in your yard, this website demonstrates several ways to find true north. From wikiHow.
Vintage travel trailers on Pinterest.
Too cute! Hundreds of pictures, thousands of ideas. Save this for a rainy day project — you’ll be here a long time!

Best places to experience Native American culture.
Modern American Indian culture is thriving in galleries, powwows, film festivals and restaurants. From

Protect yourself and others
from sharp edges of RV slideouts!
Cut your head just once on the corner of a sharp RV slide out and you’ll race out to buy a set of these so it never happens again! Camco’s Black RV Slide-Out Corner Guards offers a simple solution to the danger posed by sharp corners on RV slideouts. Simply place them on each exterior corner of the slide to provide a cushion zone. They’re made of advanced UV stabilized resin for long life. Easy to install and no tools are required. Learn more or order.

Tips for baking in an RV oven.
From “Abundant living through simple means.” Also click on the tabs for recipes, RVing tips, exercises, DIY projects and more.
My House Has Wheels.
“The definitive guide to full-time RV living.” Dozens of informative, no-holds-barred articles such as: How the RV Lifestyle Saved My Life, Challenges to Living on the Road, and Alternate RV Living Arrangements.

RV Smackdown — diesel vs. gas
A very thorough review from fun and knowledgeable full-time RVers, Gone With the Wynns.
Learn how taking care of your tires can help you save money, reduce fuel consumption and protect yourself and your family on the road. From the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Department of Transportation.
Vintage Camper Trailers.
“Trailerites unite! If you collect and preserve mid-century camper trailers and all of the cool vintage stuff that goes with them, you are in the right place!”
Adventure Bound Camping Resorts.
Adventure Bound owns and operates family-oriented camping resorts primarily in the Northeast. “Each park offers its own unique location, local attractions, activities and events.”
Mason jar meals.
Prepare meals, salads, desserts, etc., ahead of time and store in jars. Or make cute little Mason jar lid pies! What fun!
“Keeping you and your RV on the road.” RV tips, fitness tips, RV reviews, workouts, RV park reviews, recipes. Fun and informative!
Follow a couple “living the full-time RV dream with 12 paws, 40 feet and the open road” in this well-written and informative blog. Includes tips on traveling with pets, photography, volunteering on the road, easy RV mods and more.
An expert’s top 10 favorite museums.
From the director/associate professor of museum studies at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, after visiting 54 museums in a year.
How hard is it to cook in an RV?
Tips from a long-time (more than 50 years!) RVer.
Buying a green RV.
How to identify RVs that are environmentally friendly. From
National Park Passes.
Information about federal passes that will save you money on admissions, camping, etc.

Keep rodents out of your RV!
The overwhelmingly positive reviews on this make it a best bet for keeping your RV rodent-free. This is the only plant-based rodent repellent registered for inside use by the EPA. It effectively repels rodents up to 100 days with a “woodsy” scent that’s pleasant to humans but offensive to rodents. It’s safe around kids and pets so no safety warning is required. 98% biodegradable. Tested and endorsed by the Good Sam Club. Learn more or order.

RVing tips on Pinterest.
Organizing tips, cute vintage trailers, RV maintenance tips, checklists — you name it, it’s here!
Campground and RV park directory of pictures and videos shared by campers.
Camping food of all kinds.
Recipes for grills, campfires, dutch ovens and more. Almost 2,000 mouthwatering pins on this Pinterest site.
All the best checklists for RVers.
No matter which aspect of RVing you are currently seeking a checklist for, these three dozen-plus RV checklists should have you covered. Compiled by Fun Times
Lively Little Campers.
Enjoy the adventures of this young family (“award-winning educators and avid writers”) with their three rambunctious young sons as they explore the Northeast U.S. Includes many insightful RVing articles and lots of great pictures.
American safaries: Best places to see wildlife in the U.S.
The country is home to about 3,000 wild animal species — this site lists where to find some of them other than in zoos or controlled sanctuaries. From CNN Travel.

Great resource for RVers.
This blog (and website) from Safe-T-Plus contains several years’ worth of great advice and tips — from budget RV travel, to healthy living, to pets, to RV products, to you-name-it — too much to list!

Office of Defects Investigation.
Identify and report problems you might be having with your vehicle, tires or equipment; or search for recalls. A part of the U.S. DOT’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

My Medicines
” This brochure can be a livesaver. It’s designed to help consumers track the medications they use and offers medication advice. From the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The National Parks: ranked
See how three National Parks experts ranked 59 National Parks. Just click on the Slideshow feature for “the absolute best national parks.” From The Active Times.
Summer driving tips.
Summer road travel safety tips from, part of the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA).
Aussies RV USA.
Blog from two Aussie babyboomers who retired from the Royal Australian Air Force, bought a motorhome in Florida and are on their seventh USA RV trip.
Top waterfront RV parks for 2014.
From Good Sam Travel Guide.
A new social media site catering to RVers. As posted in our Digital RVer blog.

Organize your RV’s shower!
Quit hassling with shampoo and conditioner bottles
RV showers are small! Hassling with bottles of shampoo, conditioner and soap are a pain! Make it easy with this Better Living Classic 3-Chamber Dispenser. It utilizes a “patented pump technology” and comes with a lifetime warranty. The liquid is stored in three 15 oz. refillable chambers. The right amount of product is dispensed with a stroke or two of the pump. Installs in minutes without tools. Learn more or order.
“40+ years RVing, 36 years in the RV biz, 8 years’ full-time RVers all crammed into one page!” The writer’s goal for this website is to “help anyone and everyone interested in RVing get out here so they too can enjoy this amazing lifestyle.”
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.
Reserve your RV spot now. Avoid the traffic and enjoy the convenience — park in their RV facilities within walking distance of the launch field (shuttle also available). October 4-12, 2014.
“Geocaching is the real-world treasure hunt that’s happening right now, all around you. There are 2,381,790 active geocaches and over 6 million geocachers worldwide.” The official global cache GPS hunt site.
More than 160 pages of RVing information “dedicated to the use of RVs in the pursuit of a dream lifestyle.”
Kitchen items for the RV.
From — a privately owned website, not a government agency.

Seven most breakable RV parts and how to avoid breaking them.
From Kirkland RV Sales.

Idaho RV Campgrounds Association.
“RVers love Idaho! … Our searchable database has information on all 650 camping facilities in Idaho … so it’s easy to find a campground that fits your needs and your budget.”
Workers on Wheels.
Work for RVers and campers: employment, campground jobs, volunteer positions and RV businesses. Frequent newsletters with newest job postings, articles, tips, and much more — even assistance with your job resume.
Ghost town explorations.
“This website is dedicated to the history, legends and little-known facts” that make the ghost towns of California and Nevada “forever live on in these western states.”
Camping cooking.
Many new and tried-and-true recipes and tips for cooking over a campfire or BBQ, including Dutch ovens and reflector ovens.
RV and truck products and service for “Safer and Happier Driving” with a trademarked process called “Road Performance Assessment.” Based in Grants Pass, Ore., but they service vehicles around the country.
Official Pickle-Ball website.
Invented in 1965 by Washington State Congressman Joel Pritchard and two of his cohorts on Bainbridge Island, Wash., for their bored children, this very popular game is now played by millions around the world. Find out where to play, how to play, or order supplies to enjoy it yourself and beat the pants off your cronies!
Unique lodging and accommodations at KOA.
Specified KOA Campgrounds now offer stays in “iconic Airstreams, lofty tree houses, cozy cabooses, timeless teepees” and many other unique accommodations.
RV parking at Walmart.
Walmart’s position on parking RVs in their lots. Courtesy Roundabout Publications.
Roadside America:
A great website about everything weird, wonderful or amazing along American highways.

The Rust Store:
Helping to combat rust with products and information.

Stock up and save!
Great price on RV toilet paper
Don’t use the wrong paper in your RV’s toilet or you could be mighty sorry when it clogs up your holding tank, which is a common occurrence. Much, if not most, toilet paper bought at supermarkets can do damage. Camco’s RV and Marine Toilet Paper is made to dissolve quickly and avoid clogging your holding tanks. sells the special RV toilet paper at a highly discounted price. Learn more or order.

Guide to authentic regional eats.
“Over 1,500 incredible local eateries from around the country.” Includes restaurants, recipes, eating tours and more. From
A Trip Down the RV Highway.
Join Karen and Ron on their blog where they highlight favorite attractions around the country, featured RV parks, new products, recipe of the month from Karen’s Kitchen, and tips and tricks to help save time and money while you travel. A great site with a refreshing dose of positive attitude thrown in.
Zamzar is a free web application to convert your songs, videos, images and documents into different formats without downloading a software tool — with more than 1,200 different conversion types. “Millions of happy customers since 2006.”
Route 66 — The ultimate road trip.
Everything you need to know about traveling Route 66 through Oklahoma, which has more of the original Route 66 than any other state. From Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department.
Finding healthy foods on a road trip.
When you don’t feel like cooking in your RV but want to maintain your healthy diet. From Nutrition.
RV Safety.
In order to stay safe on the road make sure to take precautions before you even begin your trip. Watch this informative video and read the list of safety tips from GEICO.
The Florida Keys & Key West.
Visit the southernmost city in the continental USA. Click on “RV & Campgrounds,” and then search for a campground by amenities desired. “Close to perfect — Far from normal.”
Motorhomes on Pinterest.
Vintage and unique motorhomes through the years, plus storage and maintenance ideas, ways to mod your RV, and much more.
RV kitchen organization.
Seemingly endless ideas from Pinterest.
Pixel of Ink.
Free and bargain Kindle books.

Factory Tours USA.
Visit 570 places where factory tours are offered to the public.
Small Kitchen Chronicles.
“Cooking and living big in the small space you’ve got.” Lots of tips and a good-sized batch of yummy recipes, with fun commentary along the way.
RVers Online.
RVers Online is published as a public service information resource for RVers. With some 2,000 pages of non-commercial information, this site is based on “RVers helping RVers.” No advertisements and nothing for sale.
Manuals and diagrams for Winnebago motorhomes.
Download them in PDF format.
Evernote’s goal is to “help the world remember everything, communicate effectively and get things done. … Evernote’s collection of apps makes it easy to stay organized and productive.”
Seven great American factory tours.
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Boeing aircraft, Tabasco Sauce, and four more interesting factories to tour. From AARP Travel.
Healthy Recipes for Spring.
Wholesome, easy recipes using spring’s best produce — and you can’t get it fresher than from a local farmer’s market. From

Cord Depot.
Everything power cord related for the RV — all in one place. Easily pick and purchase the correct cord or adapter at an “excellent value.”

The seven most random things to ever deserve a monument.
“They’re not your average war memorials. However, these monuments celebrate some equally interesting items.” From Huffington Post.

“Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations.” Search books, literature trivia, book quizzes, and quotes. Twenty-five million members.
“Healthy Dining is all about dining out as a delicious part of your healthy lifestyle.” Includes restaurant menu information, recipes, restaurant reviews, nutrition and diet tips, and much more. Search by your location.
“Healthy Dining is all about dining out as a delicious part of your healthy lifestyle.” Includes restaurant menu information, recipes, restaurant reviews, nutrition and diet tips, and much more. Search by your location.
Identifies speed trap locations on roads and highways in the USA and Canada.

Project Yosemite.
Yosemite National Park like you have never seen it. Stunning!

“Just set it up once and the app proactively stays on top of your bills and monitors your bank accounts and credit cards, all in one place. Get reminders when bills are due, then pay them on the spot, or schedule the payment for later. No stamps, no phone calls, no hassle. Everything in one central place.”
Eight creepiest places in National Parks.
Check out these haunted hikes in our National Parks. From Mother Nature Network.
Awesome RV recipes.
Click on different pictures and browse through websites with tons of tempting recipes for camping or RVing. On Pinterest.
Ultimate password management. The editors of CNET rated this 5-stars: “This robust password manager is a must-use freeware tool that supports multiple operating systems and browsers.”

National Parks — then and now.
“The photographs associated with panoramic lookout photos provide a window into the past and an opportunity to compare to the present….” From the National Park Service.

Directory of Culinary and Medicinal Herbs.
“Discover the exceptional flavors and gentle healing capabilities of more than 40 of the plant kingdom’s finest. This is your one-stop shop for reliable information on cultivating, cooking and healing with these special plants.” From Mother Earth News.
Texas campgrounds.
Get information on campgrounds, learn about upcoming events, map your trip, win a free gas card, order the free 2014 RV Travel & Camping Guide or get it online. From the Texas Association of Campground Owners (TACO).
RVer Health Insurance.
Research health insurance options suitable for an RVer’s portable lifestyle, get state-specific information useful in choosing a state to domicile in, watch videos to help you understand Medicare and/or health insurance, connect with other RVers and receive health insurance quotes.
National Park Service air quality web cams.
Current digital images (updated every 15 minutes) and air quality information (updated hourly) from 18 national parks are part of the NPS air quality web camera network. It’s interesting and fun to see almost-real-time pictures from these 18 parks around the 50 states.
Recipes from
By request from the readers of the journal comes this collection of tried-and-true recipes from these longtime, full-time RVers.
Wyoming campgrounds and RV parks.
“… [C]ampgrounds in Wyoming take all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of options and places for you to park your camper … and experience our Forever West culture. Many of these locations bring the majestic Wyoming scenery to your doorstep.” From the Wyoming Office of Tourism.
“Put your stuff in Dropbox and get to it from your computers, phones, or tablets. Edit docs, automatically add photos, and show off videos from anywhere.”
America’s most iconic drives.
“Classic Americana combined with great scenic drives make for can’t-miss road trips across the country.” From Travel+Leisure.

Ten places every American should see
“Think you know America’s essential sights? Compare your past trips with [Huffington Post’s] picks for domestic destinations every citizen should visit — from pop culture icons to patriotic landmarks. Consider it your star-spangled bucket list.”

Oregon’s RV parks.
“Drive in, hook up and kick back at one of Oregon’s 162 comfortable RV parks. Name your amenities and find the perfect place to park.” From Travel Oregon.

What your favorite liquor says about you.
“There is probably a liquor you gravitate toward on any cocktail list you meet. What you choose says a lot about you.” From Huffington Post.
America’s most scenic roads.
“Hit the road and enjoy the scenic views from Hawaii to Rhode Island.” From Travel+Leisure.
RV travel tips for beginner and seasoned RV enthusiasts.
These RV travel tips will make your first — or 50th — RV trip safer and more fun. From
Louisiana campgrounds and RV parks.
From, “the official travel authority for the state of Louisiana. Travel tips, videos, interactive maps, articles by experts and personalized recommendations help you plan your ultimate Louisiana vacation — one that captures the legendary cuisine, music and culture found no place else.”
“When you find something you want to view later, put it in Pocket.” Put articles, videos or pretty much anything into Pocket and it will then be on your phone, tablet or computer. “You don’t even need an Internet connection.” Over 10 million users.
The eight cheapest cities to live in the U.S.
Based on research conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. From Wall St. Cheat Sheet.
Recipes from the RV Goddess.
Along with great-sounding recipes, get tips and recommendations for cooking in an RV and organizing an RV kitchen, free downloadable checklists for meal planning, shopping and more, as well as some RVing and grandmotherly advice along the way.
America’s best spring drives.
“Views out the car [or RV] window look brightest in spring when the landscape bursts with wildflowers. See for yourself on America’s best spring drives.” From Travel+Leisure.
Camping in Arizona.
“Besides promoting camping and RVing, the Arizona Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds is engaged in protecting the rights of RVers and campers and preserving their ability to continue to enjoy the great outdoors along with making certain that winter visitors have an easily accessible place to miss those cold winter months by staying in Sunny Arizona.”
Free public domain audio books for anyone to listen to — on their computers, iPods or other mobile devices, or to burn onto a CD. More than 7,000 cataloged works available and growing. Librivox is a non-commercial, non-profit and ad-free project, powered by volunteers (maybe you?).
More than 100 top-rated Good Sam Parks and Campgrounds.
“Good Sam RV Travel Guide Highlights North America’s Best.”

“Urbanspoon is a leading online local restaurant guide that aggregates reviews from professional food critics, bloggers, and diners.” It provides info for restaurants throughout the U.S. and Canada, and around the world. With Urbanspoon mobile, find the best nearby restaurants and seereal-timee waitlists.

Tire Tracker.
Use this database to look up how your tires are rated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
Book a campsite in an Oklahoma State Park.
Book an RV site here, as well as get information online or request brochures on places to see and things to do in the Sooner State.
Seven tips to sleep better without medication.
Millions of Americans have trouble sleeping. Here are some things you can do to help you sleep without popping a pill. From Huffington Post.
America’s best winter drives.
“From Alaskan fjords to New Mexico’s high desert pueblos and covered-bridge country in Indiana, here are America’s top winter drives you’ll want to experience before spring.” From Travel+Leisure.
About RVing.
Lots of information and useful tips for RVers. From Ron Jones, a fulltime RVer, professional writer and speaker/teacher.
Learn a new language online.
Project Gutenberg.
More than 42,000 free ebooks. These books are free in the U.S. because their copyright has expired.
Web of Trust (WOT).
“Add WOT to your browser to protect yourself from online threats that anti-virus software can’t spot.” Easy to use and free. More than 100 million users worldwide.
Eight U.S. towns with a Bavarian twist.
Visit these interesting Bavarian-style towns scattered throughout the U.S. From Mother Nature Network.
Be like MacGyver: 12 pocket multitools for travelers.
From USA Today and
The RV Gourmet.
Lots of recipes and more, from the owners of Hidden Valley RV Park in San Antonio, Texas, and their guests. Recipe contributions welcome.
Biggest free-to-try legal software download resource on the Web. “With everything from PC starter kits to games, security patches, screensavers, and mobile apps, you can play with more than 150,000 free downloads.” From CNET.
America’s best RV parks.
“Intrepid travelers exploring the country in an RV will want to put on the brakes and stay for a while at these parks and campgrounds around the United States.” From
Your personalized internet desktop — easily store and access your favorite websites. Looks good, too.
SkyDrive (from Windows) is free online storage for your files that you can access from anywhere. When you save your files to SkyDrive, they’re always with you.” With the desktop app, you can sync your files to your devices automatically.

“Livestation brings together live news channels from around the world, to give you truly all sides of the story.” Watch most news channels for free. You can also access it from your smart phone, laptop or connected TV.

“Get a handle on your finances the free and fast way. Mint does all the work of organizing and categorizing your spending for you. See where every dime goes and make money decisions you feel good about.”
Complete reference guide for your health and better living.
“A new way to choose what to read. Whichbook enables millions of combinations of factors and then suggests books which most closely match your needs.”
Simple telephone reminders to remind yourself of important events, remember to take medication on time, set reminders for tasks and follow-ups. Wakerupper was chosen by editors as one of the 50 Best Websites of 2010.
Road trip planner.
This is “a web and mobile platform that streamlines discovery, planning, booking and navigation into one engaging road trip planner.” Lists more than 100,000 “amazing places” to discover in your travels. From RoadTrippers, Inc.

Preowned engines for sale.
Huge price savings on thousands of replacement vehicle engines which have been reviewed and judged to be in excellent shape. You’ll never buy an auction engine after using this resource. Inventory updated hourly.

Food delivery from your favorite restaurants.
Too tired to cook? Browse delivery and takeout restaurants by location or by cuisine. Over 12,000 menus to choose from, with discounts and deals. From
Bargain shopping online.
Enjoy coupons, sales and deals with generous Cash Back rewards from FatWallet. Rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau.
Comprehensive weather report.
For any location. Includes a seven-day forecast, weather-related news, severe weather map, weather events, and more. From Weather Underground and The Weather Channel.
Fifty-four state parks in Montana.
Montana offers some of the greatest natural and cultural treasures on earth. Here you’ll find where to go, things to do and places to stay.

Remember the milk.
“The best way to manage your tasks. Never forget the milk (or anything else) again.”
Easy RV cooking.
Lots of great tips to “eat like royalty on the road.” From Better Homes & Gardens.
National Parks Traveler.
Launched in 2005, National Parks Traveler is a travelogue which includes park statistics and trail descriptions, and a unique multimedia blend of news, feature content, debate, and discussion all tied to America’s national parks. Not affiliated with the National Park Service.
Homemade teardrop camper.
Cute, cozy and practical. (video)
A virtual cooking class on wheels, the RV Cooking Show takes viewers on adventures to some of the most sought-after or interesting but little-known RV locations in the country and then creates a healthy, easy, delicious destination-related dish.

Jeep Action Camper.
For all you Jeep lovers, this one’s for you. (video)
The season’s best slow cooker recipes.
Over 30 must-try recipes to beat winter’s chill — from pot roast to sandwiches to soups, and even a couple of delicious desserts. From Better Homes & Gardens.
Camphost positions in National Forests.
Learn where to find volunteer campground hosting opportunities in America’s National Forests.
16 Modern and Creative Camper Trailers.
“These camper trailers will kick your senses to new heights!” From Camping Tourist.
Digital Public Library of America.
A wealth of knowledge. Explore more than five million items from libraries, archives and museums — search by subject, date or place. Recommended by Time Inc.
Ten least-visited National Parks.
“Here’s a rundown of some of the hidden gems of the U.S. park system that will still satisfy your inner explorer, and don’t require an expedition team to reach. Each park is packed with enough science and natural beauty to stimulate your mind and soul, but each has fewer than 100,000 visitors per year.” From
Go RVing recipes for the road.
Seasonal recipes, including some great ideas for Thanksgiving. You can share your favorite recipes online, once they pass the hungry panelists’ taste test!

10-Day Survival Pack for Your Vehicle.
In case you get stuck somewhere without the comforts of your RV. From Backwoods Home Magazine.

Keep stinky holding tank odors out of your RV
The 360 Products siphon holding tank fume extractor creates an updraft that totally eliminates odors and gasses in the RV living space. Permanent, one-time, maintenance free application with no moving parts to wear out and works in any wind condition. Click here to learn more or order at

Plan fun and educational activities anywhere for your kids or grandkids, or yourselves — including near RV campgrounds. With more than 5 million visitors and 15 million page hits since 2009, and the Best Family Website 2012 Web Award, this website must be doing something right!

RV Camping in Yosemite National Park.
Learn where to camp in this magnificent National Park.
51 Uses for WD-40.
We’ll bet you haven’t thought of most of these! From Reader’s Digest.
World’s Smallest Motorhome Setup.
As functional as the multi-purpose Swiss Army Knife, this Swiss company’s all-in-one modular system will transform your car into a multi-functional home on board.
Top Ten Wild Places to Hike (Before You Die).
The Sierra Club’s unofficial “bucket list” of not-to-be-missed favorites in Alaska, Hawaii, the Lower 48, and beyond.
Take online lessons in anything.
From, this is an “uncommonly inviting place to teach and be taught. Instructors can upload video on any subject — be it salsa dancing or making glogg — then divvy it up into lessons.” Many lessons are free; if not, the average charge is $1 to $3. Recommended by Time Inc.
Tips for RVers.
Hundreds of tips for all RVers, from Good Sam Club and their members.
Songs to sing around the campfire.
Photo editing.
From Pixlr, the most popular online photo editor in the world. A “free tool that … replicates a remarkable percentage of Photoshop’s most important image-editing tools, and does it very, very well … for both newbies and serious photo retouchers.” Recommended by Time Inc.
Internet television network.
RVNN-TV is an internet television network of shows that entertain and educate about RVs, to enjoy whenever or wherever you like.
“A website that connects people sharing their RV lifestyle.” Its mission: “To be the best site to find RV travel adventures and journals. To keep it simple, and do it well.”
Doubleback VW T5 Camper.
Video review from Practical Motorhome of the upgraded (to put it mildly!) VW bus. (video)
This website is “dedicated to the art of preparing easy and delicious meals in the relatively small spaces of our recreational vehicles, campers, boats and travel trailers. This site is populated with recipes, hints and suggestions from wonderful campers like you.”
Online photo archives (primarily) and classified ads for classic and unique recreational vehicles. They also have “the top collection of Airstream travel trailer and motorhome pictures on the Internet!”
Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itinerary Series.
Help plan your next trip with these itineraries — each one is a self-guided tour, online or in person, to virtually endless historic destinations, most of which are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. From the National Park Service.
A free personal travel website “for you to record your travel experiences for the purpose of sharing them with family and friends.”
All about magnetic compasses.
What they are, how to use them (instead of a GPS — no batteries or signal required!), even how to read maps. From Compass Dude.
Eight ways to go off the grid while RV camping.
“Alternative energy ideas for affordable RV camping.” From Camping Tourist.
Groovy 1959 Chevy Viking short bus.
Turning an old “beater” bus into a cool RV. From Remodelista.
The seven best first aid kits for any situation.
From Popular Mechanics, the emergency medicine consultant to the surgeon general of the U.S. Army, and a survival expert.
The Wi-Fi-FreeSpot Directory. A Wi-Fi-FreeSpot™ is a location that offers Free Wi-Fi — high-speed wireless Internet access — to their customers and guests and/or the general public in the U.S., Canada, and around the world, including RV parks and campgrounds.
A superb website about do-it-yourself projects for RVers.
Camping in Alaska.
An overview from the editors of the Milepost.
The DMV Made Simple.
A privately owned website, not connected to the government. This is “the largest driver-related site on the web, servicing over 80,000,000 visitors a year.” Everything you need to know about your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles and about vehicles — and then some! BBB rated A+.

Trailer Life’s 2014 Guide to Towing.
More than 700 listings — very useful to RVers!

Ten RV camping tips that no one will tell you.
Make your RV camping trips more hassle-free. From Camping Tourist.
Camp Arizona.
Information about camping in Arizona.

Modular portable camping.
“Kit to camper in 60 minutes” — enclosures for utility trailers, pickup beds and shelters.

The world’s 10 most beautiful highways.
From FOX, the most beautiful highways in North America and around the world. Have you driven on any of them?
An alternative to an RV for retirement.
A retired couple live merrily off the grid in a tiny float cabin in British Columbia, Canada.
DIY projects for your home or RV.
Lots of fun outdoor and indoor projects, repairs, energy saving checklist, etc. From Ace Fix it.
Medications every traveler should pack.
If you’re not near a hospital or pharmacy but you have these five essential nutritional supplements and natural medications along, you’ll be able to cope just fine. From
America’s 100 Best Adventures.
From National Geographic.
Lifeline no-maintenance RV batteries.
Deep cycle batteries that require no periodic addition of water.
Senior Citizen Discounts.
The largest directory of discounts for people 50+.
RV stoves and parts.
When you need an RV stove, or part or accessory for your current one.

Teardrops n Tiny Travel Trailers Forum.
Discuss everything to do with small trailers.

RV Fun Time Guide.
Lots of good information about RVing for beginners and veteran RVers.

How to replace the floor in an RV.
A step-by-step guide. From

How to drive a motorhome safely.
Advice from Geico.

Better RVing.
Lots of info and advice about RVing and where to travel. From

Slideouts explained.
A detailed explanation about slideouts — what they are and how they work. From

Trailer Life Magazine.
Loads of good information from one of America’s largest RV magazines.

RV Driving School.
Offers instruction in driving or towing an RV in various locations across the USA.
Heartland Owners Club:
Members here have one thing in common besides love of RVing — they own Heartland recreational vehicles.

Fix my blinds.
If or when you have a problem with the RV’s blinds, check here for ideas about how to repair them. From

Videos on our YouTube Channel
•Videos for novice RVers.
•Videos about RV maintenance and repair by the RV Doctor, Gary Bunzer.
All about RV tires and tire safety.
•Video essays by editor Chuck Woodbury.

What vehicles can be towed four wheels down behind a motorhome.
Information from

Fifth wheel trailers from Forest River.
Learn about many of the company’s 5th wheel trailers at the company website.

Videos about Onan generators.
Here from Cummins are video descriptions of each of its popular generators.

Camp Florida.
Information about RVing in Florida.

Casita Club.
Owners of Casita Travel Trailers.

Fun roads.
A portal site for RV news, information and other resources. From

Interstate rest areas.
A guide to rest stops across the USA.

Volunteer on Federal lands.
Learn where you can help in the great outdoors on America’s public lands.

RV Show Directory.
Learn about shows coming up across North America.

RV Road Laws.
Learn the laws relating to RVs in every state of the USA.


Discovery Owners Association.
The club from owners of Discovery motor coaches.

NADA RV Guides.
Learn the value of your RV as well as new RV prices.

Dometic RV products.
Information about the many RV products produced by Dometic.

RV Daily Report.
Keep up with RV industry news at this excellent website.

Michigan camping.
Information about camping in Michigan from its RV parks association.

Vintage Airstream Club.
Information about classic Airstream trailers.

Gas Price Watch.
The best site for finding current gas prices in the USA.

Camp hosting in Washington.
Spend all or part of the tourist season watching over a state park in exchange for a free campsite.

New York State Parks.
Everything you need to know about visiting and camping in a New York state park.

Family Motor Coach Association.
The largest North American club for owners of motorhomes.

Oregon State Parks.
Everything you need to know about camping in Oregon.

RV Forums at
One of the largest and most active forums on RVing.

RV Doctor Videos:
Helpful videos about RV repair and maintenance from Gary Bunzer.

Big rig motorhomes in California.
If you drive a motorhome from 40-45 feet long in California, here are the rules about doing so.

Alaska Highway.
Planning to drive the Alaska Highway? Here’s good information from the Milepost.

Power & Amps needed on your RV.
Here’s a PDF chart of how much power your RV electronic-powered things draw.

The official website of Airstream trailers and motorized RVs.

RV Short Stops.
Great places to visit by RV in North America.

Florida RV Trade Association.
Primarily aimed at the RV Trade, but info for Florida RVers as well.