A creative way to get a free long-term RV site

He hit a real estate office in an area where he needed to sit tight. He explained he was an RVer, was basically self-contained, and would be happy to provide “on-site” security for homeowners who needed to be away from their properties. He stressed that he wouldn’t sleep in their beds, dirty their dishes, or run up their utility bills. All he needed was a place to park his RV and in return he’d “keep watch.”

Very soon the RVer had a place to park his RV with free electricity. And since he was able and willing, he also fed the horses and kept up the hot tub. The owners loved it so much that they threw in some nice financial compensation. At other times he’s stayed by a farmer’s stock tank for free, “just to keep an eye out for trouble.”

Friends of ours vend out of Quartzsite in the winter but leave in the blisteringly hot summers. So last summer they tooled back to the Northwest and asked around. Soon they had a full hookup site at a small RV park. Once a week they vacuum the “rec room” and make sure the swimming pool water is kept just right. They know for sure that the latter is okay – they get to go swimming whenever they wish.

Yes, you can opt to work through an agency that promotes “work camping.” Most are reputable – just ask other RVers about their experiences.


And remember that when you “interview” for a job be sure your rig looks neat and clean, and that the rest of you matches up, too. If you’ve performed a similar service before, it would be a good idea to present a few testimonials to a prospective employer or host.

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