How to avoid the dangers of an unbalanced RV

You’ve likely noticed that if you try to carry all your grocery bags in one hand you will find yourself out of balance to one side. But by dividing the load between two hands proper balance is restored. The same applies to your RV. If you overbalance on one side, you are asking for trouble. But as Walter Cannon of the RV Safety and Education Foundation explains, you must be careful how much you load to avoid a dangerous situation. Here, he offers some do’s and don’ts about loading a recreational vehicle.

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One Thought to “How to avoid the dangers of an unbalanced RV”

  1. Karen e carter

    So glad to see RV Safetys work covered here. Good knowledge shared with RVs annually at there weekly conference. My husband and I wish we had found rv safety in year one of rving instead of year three we could have saved so much anxiety for ourselves and enjoyed our early days even more. They have a fall conference coming up in Ky come join and learn and have fun.

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