Don’t make this huge buying mistake

It may be hard to believe, but some RV buyers sign on the dotted line and pop down their cash before performing one very important task. What is it?

Retract the slideouts! Bring them in, just as they’ll be when you’re traveling down the highway. At RV shows and in dealers’ lots, the slideouts are always in the out position, revealing the roominess of the RV.
And what will you learn by retracting the slides? You’ll learn whether you’ll still have access to the kitchen, the bedroom (for a little nap at a rest area) or even the bathroom. In most RVs there will be no problem, but there are plenty of exceptions.

More is explained in the video.




3 Thoughts to “Don’t make this huge buying mistake”

  1. Adam

    Great video! I just started looking on Craig’s List for used RVs and I am a total newbie. I signed up for your newsletter and I appreciate your information.

  2. Robert Noble Allen

    thank God my new rv won’t have slideouts..

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