Easy way to conserve water when not hooked up

Water conservation is one of the most limiting factors on the number of days you can boondock or camp without a water supply. When you run out of water it’s time to pack up and head for a water refill station, something boondockers avoid whenever possible.  In this short video RVtravel.com editor, Chuck Woodbury shows you a simple way to both stretch your supply of water and save space in your waste tanks.

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One Thought to “Easy way to conserve water when not hooked up”

  1. Fred

    There is also a product available that mounts next to the shower inlet source on the shower stall wall between the inlet & the shower hose. When you flip the lever, it diverts the water back thru a hole in the wall where you have connected a hose to send the water back thru an inlet connection you install on the top or side of your fresh water tank. When you flip the lever it diverts the cold water back to the tank until you get hot water flowing, as indicated by a window that changes color on the diverter. Then you flip the lever back & you have hot water without wasting any water at all. A friend we’re travelling with installed it in his class A & it works great. If you & spouse shower daily, it saves about a gallon each shower or 14 gal/ week.

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