Find boondocking spots on public land with Google Earth

In this video Dave Helgeson presents part three in a series from his popular seminar “Boondocking Using Google Earth.” Even if you have boondocked for years, you’ll pick up some valuable tips here about how to find places to camp “in the middle of nowhere” before you even leave home! Dave will show you how to spot promising locations by using Google Earth, and then determine how to get there, and even to know if the terrain is suitable — even level enough — for RVs. This should be a must-view for all RVers who like to camp away from the crowds using their on-board systems to sustain them for days or even weeks at a time. Nearly all the locations Dave shows you are on public lands, where the camping is free.

If you missed the beginning of this series, you can watch it here.  Download Google Earth.  An excellent, inexpensive way to learn more about boondocking is “Boondock Bob’s Guide to RV Boondocking” by Bob Difley. It’s available in Kindle from Amazon. An excellent printed book is “The Complete Book of Boondock RVing: Camping Off the Beaten Path” on Amazon.



3 Thoughts to “Find boondocking spots on public land with Google Earth”

  1. Tommy Molnar

    I have used this technique and it works really well.

    We even use this technique to help map out Geocache hunts while we are boondocking to see what we’re “getting into”.

  2. Lyn

    Brilliant; looking forward to giving it a try! Thank you for tip, Dave. 🙂

  3. enews

    Bob Difley, thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.

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