Why fulltime RVers should choose South Dakota as a homebase

Don Humes of America’s Mailbox explains why many fulltime RVers choose South Dakota as their homebase. America’s Mailbox facilitates many of the services required by full-timers who establish a home base in South Dakota, which Don explains. Learn more at America’s Mailbox. An excellent resource for establishing an RV home base is Choosing An RV Home Base, available at Amazon.com at. This video is from RVtravel.com. Be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter, published online since 2001. Learn more at RVTravel.


2 Thoughts to “Why fulltime RVers should choose South Dakota as a homebase”

  1. Debra

    If one signs up with Americas Mailbox, be aware that they charge additional fees that aren’t disclosed on their website or paperwork to establish an account. They deduct the fees from your account balance with no notification.

  2. Don

    Hi Debra: I’m sorry you have an issue with Americas Mailbox. All of us here try very hard to be fully upfront as much as possible. Every thing we have to charge for is clearly explained and always are under full control of our members. If you have any questions whatsoever, please give me a call. Every email that is sent out and on our web pages has my personal cell phone number on it. In case you don’t have it, it is 605-593-4496. Please give me a call, days, early evenings and weekends and I’ll be happy to discuss your concerns.

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