2 Thoughts to “Get better WiFi connections when on the road”

  1. Sherry Dawson

    Sorry to be negative, but this video was nearly worthless. Most of us know we need a wi-fi adapter and an antenna of some kind. What we need to know is which types work best in which situations, and we’d love to have a review of different brands and models.

    I’m not sure why this video was even made, but I’m certain it should not have been linked to this informative newsletter.

  2. Rory

    I would suggest looking into Wingard Connect, a fairly new service offered by Wingard. We went to Quartzite in late Jan and early Feb, and if you’ve ever been there @ that time you know that wifi service is almost non-exsistent. Well it was a perfect test for Connect and as it turns out even in Quartzite “in-season” we had great service. Of course this calls for another subscription, but for us it was worth it. When we purchased our Newmar DP, it was already wired for the connect service, so all we had to do was subscribe.. I don’t know if you’d have to install any other equipment. Oh and it does give us a hotspot within our rig and for about 150′ outside, so don’t forget the password…

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