Help your friends find you with FlagPole Buddy



Flagpole Buddy Suction Mount

By Bob Difley

The phases of fulltimers begin with the euphoria of freedom at last, the ability to go where and when we want, the carefree life of visiting America’s greatest destinations. Then the next phase – after you’ve raced from one spectacular tourist attraction to the next, and arrived every day at the campsite of your reserved RV resort exhausted from the day’s activities – is the is the “let’s stay a while” mindset.  One of the places where RVers go to unwind from daily travel and meet with the friends you’ve met on the road, hang out around the community bonfire, and enjoy the local area, is at Quartzsite, Arizona.

If you’ve been to Quartzsite or a large RV rally you’ve seen lots of RVs flying flags of all types from long poles extending way above their rig. They are more than just decorative, they also enable you to identify and find your rig from among the many parked helter-skelter across the desert floor or in a crowded rally parking area. If you’ve ever lost your RV in the crowd, you know how helpful these flags can be. But they also serve to help friends find you in what might seem to be an impossible situation. FlagPole Buddy has been providing tall flag poles to RVers for years for exactly that purpose.

And now the San Diego-based company has solved the puzzle of how to mount a flag to the side or rear of your RV if you don’t have a ladder to mount it to, or you want to locate the flag somewhere other than the rear of your RV where the ladder is attached.

The suction mount uses the same patented FlagPole Buddy system, with the addition of two massive 6-inch suction cups. Each cup has it’s own vacuum pump, for super-easy installation. The push-button pump has a visual red line to let users know when the vacuum is secure. The cups also have release tabs that break the suction enabling easy removal. The rubber cup comes with a plastic protective cover for storage.

The poles come in the standard FlagPole Buddy sizes:

  • 1-inch diameter (accommodates a 12-foot pole)
  • 1.5-inch diameter (accommodates a 16-foot pole)
  • 2-inch diameter (accommodates a 22-foot pole)

For more information, visit the FlagPole Buddy website. You can also find FlagPole Buddy on Amazon,