Help! Our new RV has problems!

What can you do if you’re not happy with your newly purchased RV? What can you do if you have serious problems with your new RV? If you voice your concerns to your RV dealer and he refuses to (or claims he can’t) help—what then? Is there any recourse for buyers? This was the latest topic around the campfire.

Problems with a new RV are a disappointing reality

A young couple took possession of their brand-new travel trailer six months ago. Since that time, they’ve discovered several issues that they want to be addressed. These are not little problems. At least to my mind. It’s a brand-new RV! On their first camping trip, a kitchen cabinet actually fell off the wall! There are many additional problems, as well. This couple has jumped through every hoop with no satisfaction or solutions. So, they asked campfire attendees for suggestions on what to do next.

Squeaky wheel

“Keep calling,” Neal advised. “Don’t give up. Keep bugging the dealership and eventually they’ll address your situation.” Often the “squeaky wheel” does get attention, but the discouraged couple has tried that tactic. The last several calls have met with hang-ups. When they approach the dealer in person, they get the runaround.

Go online

It was surprising to hear that several folks with older RVs said they, too, had problems when their rigs were new. This was as far back as 2015. One gal, Ginny, admitted that she took to Facebook, after being repeatedly put off by her dealership. In desperation, she posted her frustration on the dealer’s Facebook page. In just two days, she received a call. It was from the RV dealership. Her rig was fixed by the end of the week!


Go to the top

Other folks around the campfire advised going directly to the RV’s manufacturer. Many, if not all, companies have customer service reps. Their job is to keep customers happy. Several friends at the fire reported that they had experienced positive results by contacting the company directly.

Ginny was quick to add that if the manufacturer is unhelpful, you can leave a detailed account of what happened in a review on their website or other social media platforms.

Hire a lawyer

A few people advised getting a lawyer involved in the situation. I’d personally see this as a last resort. You just paid for a new RV! Who wants to add lawyer fees on top of that? But to each his own. If you have so many problems with your new RV that it’s practically unusable, and other options do not work out, maybe it would be worth the expense.

Fix it yourself

If you want to take advantage of this camping season, this may be your best bet. That is, if you have the know-how and necessary tools. You might be able to order parts online or get them from your local camping supply store. Just know that COVID-induced supply chain problems continue.

Another option is to consider hiring a local repairman for fixes. Or try other RV dealerships to see if they might be willing to service your rig. In addition, you might find a mobile RV repair service person. Check with nearby campgrounds for recommendations.

Last resort

Turns out, the couple was seriously considering getting rid of their RV. The continual hassle was wearing them down. I understand their disappointment, but I really hope they can resolve their RV’s issues.

Have you ever experienced problems with a new RV? Let us know how you resolved your issues in the comments below.

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