The key to RVing? Your keys!

Think about your keys. You need three complete sets of keys for your RV.

Main set: Separate one set of keys into three groups – door key, ignition key and all the rest. Carry the door key when you lock and leave the RV. If you have a motorhome, leave the ignition key inside – keep reading to find out where. Store the rest of your keys (compartment, fuel door, etc.) near the front in case you need them.

Backup set: Keep a set in your other vehicle – just in case.

Emergency set: Get one of the magnetic key holders used for hiding keys. Put one door key, compartment key, ignition key and a fuel door key inside. Hide it well. Crawl around underneath and find a great hiding place not visible by just walking around and looking at the coach.

Test the magnetism. Is it easy to remove? Can it fall off? Secure it with one of the plastic electrical ties. Cover it with mud or spray paint it to look like the background. Do not make this easy to find or access and make it impossible to see. After all, it is only for emergencies.

Additionally, in our seminars, one topic that always comes up is the number of RVers that forget to crank down their TV antenna or satellite dish before driving out of the campground. Since your ignition key will be separate from the others, when you crank up your TV antenna or satellite dish, hang your ignition key from the crank. That way, you can’t drive away without being reminded to crank down these items. Without a firm reminder, you will forget at some point – but if so, it’s only about $150.00 to replace the antenna. The only way to ensure you will remember to crank it down is to force yourself to reach up there for the ignition key.

Consider this, too. If you find yourself driving away with the antenna still up after reaching up for that ignition key, perhaps you should think about giving up RVing. I know, they sell those cute little signs that say something like “Antenna Up/Down.” Other home remedies include putting a clothes pin or twist tie on the crank when it is down and on the steering wheel when the antenna is up. One fellow told us that he tied a piece of rope from the steering wheel to the accelerator pedal to remind him that his antenna was up!

All those home remedies work – until they don’t! But, think about this: It is impossible to drive away without reaching up there for your ignition key!