Make coffee in your RV without electricity

If you boondock or dry camp you need to have a way to make coffee without running your generator or depleting your batteries. editor Chuck Woodbury shows how he makes coffee in his RV without using electricity.  

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8 Thoughts to “Make coffee in your RV without electricity”

  1. Jim Christian

    Another way to make great coffee is with a clod brewing system that gives you a concentrated liquid. Use 2 to 4 Tbsp of the liquid to a cup and hot water from the stove.
    Toddy Co., of Houston, is one maker of this increasingly popular way to make acid-free coffee. I’ve been using their system since 1976,

  2. Rayda Santrach

    From the days of the old coffee percolating TV advertisements to today where millions of people around the world make coffee using the pour over method or a French press—electricity is not required! This is nothing new. Man has been heating water over gas for thousands of years. Also, for great tasting coffee, try grinding your own beans using a hand-crank grinder—no electricity required. One more thing, I use an electric water heating pot to heat my water. I simply plug it into my solar power system where I get electricity for free.

    1. Billy Bob Thorton

      “thousands of years” huh. Well that puts it at least the birth of Christ era. Maybe thats where the phrase “god, thats a good cup of coffee came from. Who knew!

  3. Wolfe

    Looks like a good simple method to drip coffee. The title threw me since I never HAVE used electricity to make my coffee. Traditional percolator on LP still makes my favorite brew, or I use a MyJo if I’m conserving (cleanup) water/really do only want a single cup.

  4. Pat

    I have a wonderful vintage stainless steel stovetop drip coffee pot that I won on eBay. Makes great coffee with the simple pour over method. Water came be heated on the propane stove or campfire.

  5. TechiePhil

    There are several choices for making coffee without electricity. As long as you can heat water, you can make coffee (or tea, of course). The Melitta-type holder shown , or fancier pour-over versions, works well. I’d recommend a tea kettle with a spout for less mess while pouring. My current favorite is the Aeropress. There’s the French press, which many prefer, and the near-universal Moka pot, for an espresso-like brew. You’re right about the thermos carafe. That keeps coffee hot for hours. I found a nice tea kettle and a stainless steel Nissan carafe at thrift stores for a few bucks. I traveled overseas constantly in my previous career, and added a manual Porlex grinder to my coffee arsenal. It adds a workout to the morning brew!

  6. Robbie

    I prefer to make one cup of coffee at at time, tastes fresher, and no waste. With the aeropress you can have espresso quality coffee in about 3 minutes after using a kettle to boil the water.

  7. Walt

    I’ll stick with my Moca Pot, one cup at a time and it makes the best coffee!!!

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