Make your RV roof leak-free for life

Leaky roofs are not just an annoyance, where you can simply put a drip pan under the leak until the rain stops. Leaks can find their way down the curvature of the roof, down the sidewalls, beneath the flooring, and anywhere else that moisture can work into. This could result in rotting and extensive – and expensive – repairs. And a lot of time spent in the repair shop. RV Armor promises to give RVers a leak-proof, maintenance-free, RV roof for the life of their RV. Guaranteed! In this interview by editor Chuck Woodbury, RV Armor president, Lee Thaxton, explains how the roof is installed, and why no maintenance is required afterward. This video is a “real” interview and RVTravel was not paid by RV Armor.  You can learn more about RV Armor at .