What you need to know if you carry a firearm in your RV

RVtravel.com editor Chuck Woodbury explains how a law-abiding citizen of one state may risk getting in trouble by carrying a gun in another state, where laws differ. A survey by RVtravel.com revealed that 40 percent of RVers carry a weapon all or most of the time. RVers or others who travel with a firearm outside their own state should know the laws. A routine traffic stop for a speeding violation could turn into a nightmare journey through the criminal justice system if the traveler isn’t aware of the proper way to carry or transport his firearms in a vehicle.

Attorney J. Scott Kappas uses case law and statutory authority to render plain English advice as to how a traveler should carry firearms while visiting the many states of our great nation. Kappas’ book, Travelers Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States, is not simply a restatement of the statutes. It is an easily readable narrative designed to unlock the complexities of state firearm laws. The annual guide is indispensable for staying on the road and out of jail. The 2017 edition of the book is available at Amazon.com.

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6 Thoughts to “What you need to know if you carry a firearm in your RV”

  1. Jeff

    All GREAT POINTS Chuck! I just ordered the 2018 Guide to Firearms in all 50 states.

    As a side note: Most of the laws that prevent or restrict carrying a FIREARM in various states are on the East Coast and of Course California.. New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts are just a few that have highly restrictive laws for travelers.

    Take a Safety Course and if you can, get your concealed carry permit!

  2. Larry Scofield

    Good stuff, Chuck. Here is another very useful resource you might pass on.

    There is a terrific smartphone app called “Legal Heat” put together and maintained by lawyers who are also fire arms instructors and shooting enthusiasts. It lists the laws for all fifty states together with reciprocity maps showing where my permit will be honored and where not. It is not free, but very inexpensive. I think my subscription cost me $2.00. I have it running on an Android phone, but I understand it is also available for iPhones.

  3. Larry Scofield

    To Jeff – Do NOT forget about Illinois, right there in the middle with some really hostile laws to disrupt cross country travels. According to Illinois, if you stop overnight, you no longer are an interstate traveler protected by the Federal law allowing transport from a place you are legal to a legal destination.

  4. Ralph Pinney

    Hi Chuck,
    Thanks for passing on that good info.
    Ditto to Larry’s suggestion on Legal Heat. Great app.
    I would also suggest reading ‘Deadly Force – Understanding Your Right To Self Defence’ for further reading.
    Taking a class to learn to shoot – good idea. Getting Your CCW – good idea. But don’t forget to PRACTICE!
    Safe travels everyone.

  5. Danni

    What about a shotgun.

  6. Mike Sherman

    Shotguns fall under “long arms” or “long gun” rules that apply to rifles, etc. Because they are difficult to conceal, the rules for storage and transport differ from hand guns. Not as strict.

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