Our favorite unusual RV kitchen gadgets you may never have heard of

Welcome to Part 3 in our favorite RV kitchen gadgets series, based on our reader recommendations. In Part 1 we covered your favorite small appliances that merit taking along, in Part 2 we featured low-tech kitchen gadgets that need no power. In this post, we’ll cover unusual RV kitchen gadgets you might not have heard of before. We’ll also cover some unusual uses for some things you may already have.

Before we get started, a special shout-out to Chuck D., who is obviously trying to score points with his honey. When asked what RV kitchen item he could not live without, Chuck said:

“The cook. That is the only thing I could not live without. Without her, I would starve but I wouldn’t care. Everything else could be replaced or done without.”

Howard S. might not score quite as many points. He writes:


“My wife’s favorite kitchen accessory is the credit card as she hates to cook. We either eat out or do takeout most of the time.”

Terry R.L. lands somewhere in the middle. She writes:

“Sorry but I just cannot help myself here. My favorite gadget has to be the bottle/wine opener so I can open a beverage and watch as my dear husband cooks. Part of our deal to take up camping 10 years ago was he would cook most of our dinners on the grill and he has kept up his end, making us very happy campers!”

Cheri’s unusual RV kitchen gadget pick

unusual RV kitchen gadgets

Let me get this list started. I am a HUGE fan of a little-known gadget called the Toss and Chop. These ingenious double-bladed kitchen scissors make it easy to cut, dice, or even mince almost anything, right in the bowl. They take up hardly any room and need no power. I even use my Toss and Chop in my home kitchen.

I honestly don’t know why this gadget has not caught on more than it has. I suspect bad marketing is the issue. For instance, while the product description at Amazon calls them “salad tongs” because you can chop and toss your salad in one bowl, they are NOT tongs and they do so much more than just chop salads.

It may take a bit more elbow grease, but the Toss and Chop can substitute for many food processor functions (aside from pureeing). I use mine for salads, to make salsas right in the bowl, to prep veggies for cooking, and even to chop cooked meats. See it in action in the video on the Amazon listing. Anyone who has ever watched me use mine usually immediately goes out and orders one. They make great RV gifts, too.

A new spin on an old gadget

salad spinn

Several of you mentioned how much you value your salad spinners in the RV because they can do so much more than just spin lettuce dry.

I agree. In addition to all the suggestions Andrea B. has below, I also use my salad spinner basket as a strainer or colander for all kinds of foods.

Andrea writes:
“A salad spinner is a water saver. Washing produce and reserving the water for other uses. Also can be used as a large serving/mixing bowl and the basket is good for dish drying small items.”

Psst: Want to save space in your RV’s cabinets? Check out this collapsible salad spinner.

More than for BBQ

unusual rv kitchen gadgets pig tail food flipper

Several of you mentioned a kitchen tool that I had never heard of before (and I used to review kitchen products), the Pig Tail Food Flipper. But after watching a video of it in action, I can see why you chose it.

arry L. explains:
“What started out as my favorite BBQ tool of all time, soon found its way into our RV kitchen as well and we use it all the time. The Pig Tail food flipper, is a simple tool that doesn’t take up much room and is most oftentimes more convenient and easier to use than a spatula or other tool used to flip and turn meats and vegetables, whether on a BBQ grill or in a skillet. We like and use ours so often that we have given several to friends and relatives as gifts. They also quickly fall in love with this simple tool that does so much.”

Adjustable measuring cups and spoons

Adjustable measuring cups and measuring spoons

This one really makes sense for RVers because one cup or spoon can do the job of an entire set. Matthew C. shares why his wife loves them:

“Mary loves to cook. Our tiny Class A does not allow any of the machines or much else she has in her galley at home, but she has taken advantage of the adjustable measures that she has found. She has a pair of adjustable calibrated spoons for all the small things, and a pair of adjustable cup-size devices. They are all easy to clean and save a lot of drawer space.”

Collapsible silicone housewares

silicone dish drainer

Silicone housewares make so much sense, as Susan G. explains:

“Collapsible silicone housewares, such as bowls, colanders, funnels, drain tray, microwave food cover, etc. Everything is lightweight and folds to fit in the kitchen drawers and cabinets easily. I’d say my dish drain tray is my favorite. It is used the most often.

Jim G. especially agrees about the collapsible silicone dish drainer, saying:

“We love our collapsible dish drainer. In our double sink RV, we go from wash to rinse to drainer with the water draining into the sink without a separate tray. In our single-sink camper we wash in the sink, set dishes in the drainer and pour rinse water over the dishes. Again, the water just flows back into the sink.”

Favorite cookware

Magma cookware

Magma Cookware, because of its high quality and space-saving design, kept coming up again and again in your comments.

Steve S. says:

“With Magma cookware, all items nest within one another. Lids adapt to different pot sizes and the handle detaches for nesting. The cookware is high-quality stainless steel with heavy bottoms that are suitable for both propane cooktops AND induction burners.

More useful unusual RV kitchen gadgets

“I have a tiny whisk that I use for mixing ‘everything’ with—from pancake batter to gravy to hot chocolate! It’s only about 4″ in length, but does everything a big one does, but doesn’t take up the space! We like it so much that we bought several, and give them out to friends!” —Marie B.

“My favorite things are dual purpose: half sheet pans. Use them to cook, bake and as trays to eat off of, carry things to and fro, etc. And the roll-up dish drain/heatproof use as hot pad.” —Jeanette M. 

“I use 6″ putty knives for spatulas on my Blackstone. Most useful tool I have.” —Steve S. 

Block it!

A number of our readers concurred with what Henry F. had to say about his stove cover:

“My favorite kitchen item has to be the butcher block stove cover that gives me more workspace to prepare food.”

Organizing RV kitchen gadgets

A few readers recommended items designed by Joseph Joseph, so I went and looked at their store. Wow oh wow, they have LOTS of innovative organizing items that would be right at home in an RV. There’s something for every room in the rig, not just the kitchen. Check it out

Also recommended was the unique Rev-A-Shelf system. Horses V. explains:

“To keep our plates organized and safe while having an earthquake every minute on the road we installed an organizing system called: Rev-A-Shelf (available on Amazon). It is a wood pegboard system for deep drawers with adjustable pegs. Our drawers aren’t that deep so we had to cut off the tops of the pegs but it has saved our dishes and cups many times on nasty roads.”

Gerry G. agrees that cabinet access is essential. She writes:

“RV cabinets are in some of the most difficult places to get to, especially under the sink. Our cabinets are also deep and dark. We installed pull-out drawer organizers in the pantry cabinets and a pots-and-pans pull-out organizer in the cabinet under the sink. They’re especially helpful if you have difficulty bending down or are height challenged.”

Lastly, Lisa L. adds:

“I love my space-saving magnetic spice containers! All my spices are on the wall adjacent to my stove. The metal wall strips are red and add a beautiful accent to the kitchen!”

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