Own a pickup truck? A fifth wheel might be your best option

Fifth wheel trailer

If you are one of the millions of Americans whose family “car” is a pickup truck, you hold the key to what is fast becoming the most luxurious recreational vehicle lifestyle in North America!

The power and weight-carrying capacity of the pickup make it the ideal tow vehicle for the modern fifth wheel travel trailer. While mini-vans and passenger sedans can tow travel trailers up to about 6,000 pounds, the pickup truck can handle up to double that amount – all you have to do is install a fifth-wheel hitch and you can tour the continent in serious style.

The modern fifth wheel travel trailer is available in a range of sizes from 20 to 40 feet. While the smaller trailers are great for touring, the larger models encompass some of the most luxurious features available in RVs today.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to look inside a full-size fifth wheel travel trailer, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise. The larger models, in the 36- to 40-foot range, are most often equipped with slide-out sections, increasing the usable width of the interior from 8 feet to up to 14 feet. Many fifth wheels incorporate two or more slide-out sections, enhancing the interior space in the living and bedroom areas of the vehicle.

The design of the fifth wheel travel trailer lends itself to a “split-level” interior floor plan. Generally, the elevated section at the front of the trailer is used for the master bedroom, although some of the more luxurious designs incorporate a full living room, complete with panoramic picture windows and reclining sofas – yes, plural. Plush pile carpeting and elegant decor rival the most tastefully decorated home – hardly what you would expect to find attached to a pickup truck unless you have already been introduced to the RV lifestyle!

The central section of the full-size fifth wheel travel trailer includes kitchen, dining and living room areas, often appointed with the very latest in appliances and entertainment facilities. Many fifth wheels have multiple flat-screen TVs and fireplaces. Some include a special cabinet for onboard washer/dryer facilities.

Fifth wheel trailer owners generally enjoy the comforts of their RV lifestyle throughout the year. The fifth wheel concept offers the most versatile RV combination – the trailer can be hooked up to campground facilities, and the truck can be used independently for indefinite periods. In a matter of minutes, the trailer can be prepared for touring, and you’re off to explore another campground or another country!

The fifth wheel travel trailer is one of the most versatile RV models available today. Your local RV dealer can show you a full range of fifth wheels, suitable for all types of pickup trucks.