Protect tires from UV rays with white or black covers?

Do you know why you should use tire covers when parked for any length of time? It’s to protect them from the sun’s UV rays, which will deteriorate the tires and shorten their life – even when you have tread left. But which color – black or white – does the best job of protection? Roger Marble answers that question. 

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3 Thoughts to “Protect tires from UV rays with white or black covers?”

  1. Robbie

    So, this guy is a tire cover expert? Says his tires are 7 years old? And then the tire guy says you shouldn’t use your tires over 5 years? Sounds like conflicting information.

    This is an old article; time to come up with some new information on this website for a change.


    Great comments, although I would have liked to see what the black tire covers tempt was & what it was inside when you first took off the black cover, just like the white cover.

  3. Dawn

    We just bought gray tire covers. How do you think they will do on keeping the tires cool?

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