Where do I put levels and how do I use them?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris



Having your RV level when parked not only makes it easier to get around in, it’s also critical for keeping your RV refrigerator alive. Most RV refrigerators can be damaged if run off-level, so keeping them happy is the priority. Leveling your RV is a lot easier if you have levels mounted outside so you can “eyeball” them when setting up camp. But how and where do you mount outside levels?


Stick-on levels are available at many hardware stores, most RV supply houses, and at Amazon. They’re inexpensive. However, don’t rely on the double-stick tape, as heat and weather conditions can cause the tape to lose its sticky and the level can go “off” pretty easily. For a couple bucks more a pair you can buy “screw on” levels, but why bother? Use a small drill bit to bore screw holes at each end of the level, then using small stainless screws to hold them in place.

But not to get the cart before the horse here, you’ll also want to buy a small “bullseye” level. Set the level on the floor of your freezer compartment, and level up your RV until the bubble is in the bullseye.



Once the bullseye bubble is centered, indicating that your RV refrigerator is “happy,” then you can attach the levels to the outside of the rig. We’ve found that having a level at each side of the RV and one mounted at the center of the front of the rig is an excellent help for trailer owners. You can hop out of the cab of the tow vehicle and check to see how far off you are from level in both perspectives. Putting them at the rear-end can also help when blocking up the tires. Motorhome users may find it helpful to mount one somewhere on the dash near the steering wheel and another on the side wall in view of the driver.

With your RV level (as described above) mount the levels oriented so that these tell-tales show “level.”