RV geeks share their knowledge with the rest of us

Technology in the last couple decades has come on by leaps and bounds and has affected all but the most dedicated Luddites living the RV lifestyle. But one thing we technology challenged RVers can be thankful for is having experts in technology also being experts in RVing – and not only tying it all together but sharing their knowledge with the rest of us.

Meet Jim and Chris Guld of GeeksOnTour who talk about the many technology issues that affect RVers who wish to manage their lives and stay connected while on the road. They discuss how to set up a blog and how to maintain it, where to find current RVer blogs, the safety of getting online while traveling, the best states to set up a domicile for fulltimers and the pluses and minuses of getting online with a computer vs. a tablet or smartphone. They discuss the three main ways to get online while traveling and about managing and organizing photos digitally. They also discuss their lives as full-time RVers who teach at RV rallies, seminars, and other gatherings about technology as it applies to RV enthusiasts.