Start a new tradition – Host an “RV shower”

If you know someone who is shopping for a new RV or who might be changing the style of RV (trailer for motorhome, fifth wheel for trailer, etc.), host a shower for the lucky owner. First, look for appropriate RVing books and DVDs for your lucky recipient. You can set up a registry at Camping World and invite RVing friends. Wrap the presents in paper that will burn in a campfire. There will be no waste.

Here are some gift suggestions in various price ranges:

Duct or gaffers tape
Supplementary tools for the toolbox
Stick-on state map (for their future RVing adventures)
Refrigerator deodorizer
Refrigerator bars
Under-cabinet coffee maker
Spice rack
Stove top cover
Sink cover
Paper towel rack
Magazine rack
Patio rug
Step rug
Awning de-flappers
Patio lights
Citronella candles
Picnic tablecloth
BBQ grill
Charcoal or propane
Folding ladder
Bike rack
Bike cover
Heavy-duty extension cord
Sewer adapters (different campgrounds and RV parks sometimes require a certain adapter for the connection)
Lotion and soap dispenser
Toilet deodorizer
Toilet paper (don’t laugh: you can put the rolls between cabinet items to prevent rattling)
Folding mesh laundry hamper
Vent cushion and solar vent shield (prevents drafts in winter)
10-foot water hose (to couple with another if needed)
Pressure regulator
Inline water filter
Brass entry elbow (to prevent the hose from kinking)
Spare tire cover
Propane tank
Propane hose
Propane leak detector
CO (carbon monoxide) detector
Smoke detector
Fire extinguisher
Gas match extender (to light hard-to-reach pilots)
12V replacement bulbs for lights
Auxiliary mirrors
Leveling blocks
Wheel chocks
Air compressor
Battery charger
Wheeltopper steering wheel table
Pet dishes

Of course, you can always give the person a Camping World gift certificate or an gift card. However, you won’t have the satisfaction of watching the recipient ooh and ah over a sewer connection or a new refrigerator deodorizer.

We’re RVers because we enjoy the lifestyle, like to have fun and want to share the enjoyment. So host an RV shower and help start a tradition.