Stop those parasitic loads from attacking your batteries

Do you know that your RV can be attacked by parasitic loads even when sitting idle or in storage? What the heck are parasitic loads, you ask? In this segment of “The RV DIY® Project Video Series” Mark Polk, with RV Education 101, demonstrates how to install the protector – a battery disconnect switch – directly on the deep cycle RV battery to prevent the battery from discharging due to parasitic loads. This is a simple installation that should take less than 30 minutes. 

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One Thought to “Stop those parasitic loads from attacking your batteries”

  1. Tim

    You should never put a disconnect on the negative of a trailer. If/when the trailer is towed with the disconnect open the emergency breakaway system will not operate.

    The disconnect goes on the positive post and the breakaway switch is wired to battery before the disconnect. That way the same purpose is achieved but the breakaway system works whether the disconnect is open or closed.

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