Trailer towing tips you need to know

The team from Big Truck Big RV (one of the high-quality channels that placed in our top RV YouTube channel poll) is here to help absolute beginners safely tow for the first time with some essential trailer towing tips.

Even though towing a travel trailer and a 5th wheel are quite different from each other, the tips in the video below will apply to both scenarios.

The video is not so much about how-to trailer towing tips. Rather it gives tips to prepare YOURSELF for towing your RV for the first time (or anytime you feel apprehensive). The video will give you a lot to think about.



Towing an RV, whether it be a travel trailer or a 5th wheel, is very different than towing other types of trailers.

The video advice begins with the importance of having a comfortable towing experience.

So many factors will affect your towing experience, but you can set yourself up for success. This starts with wrapping your head around what towing will be like for you and managing your nervous expectations.

They follow this with a good discussion about towing anxiety, what causes it, and how to mitigate it.

Usually, it is situations around you that are out of your control. But even though hairy towing situations might be out of your control you can plan for them, be prepared for them, and in some cases avoid them entirely.

Don’t worry, even experienced RVers continue to get anxious about towing. Patience is key, and with more experience, it dissipates more quickly.

Following the pre-trip planning and anxiety-reduction tips in this video will help you get comfortable and help you get to your RV destinations in a relaxed manner.

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