Video: Single vs. tandem axle trailers: Pros and cons

In this six-minute video, Josh Winters of Bish’s RV (formerly Haylett RV) explains the advantages and disadvantages of single vs. tandem axle travel trailers. There are, indeed, differences.

Generally, lighter, smaller-sized trailers will have only one axle. They don’t have as much weight to support. The trailers themselves weigh less so they cost less. But, as Josh explains, “God forbid one of the tires goes flat, it will get really squirrelly behind you.” It can be a challenge, he explains, getting it brought down from your towing speed.

And, he says, single axle trailers tend to be narrower, so they can be more “jumpy” and less stable than a wider trailer. A narrow axle, Josh explains, will tend to “wiggle more.”

When a trailer has two axles “you’re going to jump immediately to more weight and higher cost,” he said. Cargo capacity also goes up.


In this video, learn all the pros and cons of single vs. tandem axle trailers.

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