Wind is your friend – use it

When in your sticks-and-bricks house you probably didn’t think about the wind too much. But when RVing in the great outdoors, wind affects most of what you do, from driving to setting up camp. Here editor Chuck Woodbury has tips about how to deal with the wind while RVing, both on the highway and in the campground. 

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3 Thoughts to “Wind is your friend – use it”

  1. Steven M Jenkins

    Even with advance reservations, when we get to an RV park, all the manager offers is a slot that is still open that will fit our rig. Period. Ask which way it points relative to wind direction and you might get a laugh at best.

  2. A Pseudonym

    Good day, Mr. Woodbury.

    Interesting suggestions. However, they wouldn’t apply to me. In many, many miles of RV’ing I’ve NEVER had a tail wind…



  3. Patti L

    Yep, interesting suggestions and in a perfect world they might just work. Unfortunately, and it might just be me, but there ain’t no perfect world. The highway wind always seem to be coming broadside and in the campground it always comes on the “worst way for the awning” side. But all you can do is your best and have a darn good time anyway.
    Happy Trails everyone,

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